Pengajian at Pondok Pesantren Daarut Tauhid Bandung publicly held every Thursday night or Friday night and Sunday pagi.Setiap Friday night and Sunday morning Daarut Tauhid filled PP location jama’ah from all over the city and some even came from outside Bandung . The fame of Islamic leaders Daarut Tauhid Bandung with her Qolbu Management siphon various people everywhere to always follow studies setiapmalam Friday and Sunday Pagi.Setiap Friday night was not even a little jama’ah i’tikaf directly at the mosque Cottage Daruut Tauhid Islamic boarding schools until morning.

Gb.Gedung Pusat Informasi PP Daarut Tauhiid

Government Information Centre

On the day that conducted the study to the general public about Pondok Pesatren Daruut Tauhid Bandung like Tiban Market, filled with street vendors with a variety of merchandise that is offered to visitors pengajian.Kajian Sunday morning starting at 09.00 am, jama’ah been flocking to The mosque at around 8:00 pm with meeting the mosque and courtyard around the mosque.

Another feature that can be seen in this mosque is the orderliness and cleanliness in the various officers hal.Setiap fifteen minutes mop restroom where wudlu and ready with his tool untukmembrsihkan of smell and kotoran.Sandal-sandals that do not belong jama’ah care slippers are deposited in place diataur neatly so that when jama’ah out of the study site or a mosque has no need to reverse the sandals.
Gb Lorong Road with sidewalk vendors if there is recitation

Gb'Salah satu sudut PP Daruud Tauhiid 

After jama’ah entered the mosque and then implement Tahuyatul Mosque Prayer fervently then they will simply read the Qur’an or dhikr and worship according to their purpose masing.Disela in between lectures or after lectures finish that usually close by and do Muhasabah ‘a then all jama’ah with voluntary and sincerity will mengumupulkan some sustenance they receive from Allah SWT for da’wah diinfaqkan for the sake of Islam, and officers will swiftly come khusupun jama’ah who will collect infaqnya.Seusai recitation then the jama’ ah throng rushing to buy daily necessities or tools Muslims around the cottage, there is also enjoying the food and shopping at the Mini Market Pengajian Pondok.Dalam is because jama’ah who exploded it on the monitor screen to help some good in the mosque and outside the mosque.

When the father of my mother there was a program to Cancun will be very hurt when not to visit or to the Pondok Pesantren silaturohmi Daruut Tauhiid Bandung.Bila coincidence father’s mother was upgrading in PPPGT Bandung to visit Pondok Daruut Tauhiid to ride public transportation from the street Cihanjuang jurusann Cimahi-plumbing down in KPAD then ride public transportation in PP Daruut truru Tauhiid Gegerkalong.Jangan forget to bring infaq to support the activities of Islamic da’wah through Daruut Tauhiid. Hopefully there are benefits.