Fig. audience and other members

Joint study between the children with their parents landfill that runs once every 35 days in the mosques of Al-Mukarromah Glodogan Pulutan take place on Friday evening March 10 2011.Acara which began at 20:00 pm was opened by reading a letter of greeting Al _Fatekhah congregation continued takmir mosque Al-Mukarromah Drs Marsono father, father greeting Glodogan hamlet chief and the next event is the recitation. Pengajian which was attended by the students assisted the father of Drs Marsono landfill including his mother and father alkhamdulillah community leaders were keen to follow the current study, so the jama ‘ ah meet the mosque up to the porch of the mosque.

Fig. Drs Marsono provide a memento to the champions

Before the recitation begins first presented the results of the championship between students landfill by giving gifts to the landfill juara.Lomba conducted among students include race Athan to son, Competition wudlu practice, practice race prayer and recitation contest short letters in juz Amma.Dengan cheerful the students receive a gift that has been provided by the committee, so that with these stimulants can increase the spirit of the students to actively pursue landfill landfill activities at the mosque of Al-Mukharommah.

Pengajian currently focusing on the education of children which is currently due to the influence of globalization then our children are extremely vulnerable to various acts of mischief and are affected by pornography that can be accessed by anyone saja.Untuk that inflammation as well as many parents to shield his son for the later life can have the mental toughness of the various temptations of disobedience and other mischief.

In addition to the mosque attended by AL-Mukarommah jama’ah and the students study the current landfill was also attended by students and students from the School of Health Sciences Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin is corruption at the village Pulutan, Wonosari for an event closed bulan.Sebelum first performed introductions and few remarks from representatives of students who are CCN Stikes the Muhammadiyah.

Similarly, a glimpse of lectures at the mosque of Al-Mukharromah Glodogan Pulutan Wonosari hopefully be a means to help Allah’s religion in particular and Gunungkidul Pulutan in general.


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