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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr wb

Mengharap kehadiran kaum muslimin wal muslimat di manapun berada untuk menghadiri Tabligh Akbar ,yang Insya Allah akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal :
Hari/Tgl : Ahad Legi , 22 April 2012
Jam : 09.30 – 12.00 WIB
Pembicara : KH Drs Willybrodus Romanus Lasiman MA
( Pimpinan Pondok Pesantren Al-Hawariyun Cangkringan Sleman
Tabligh Akbar ini terlaksana atas kerjasama dari :
1.Yayasan Perisai Tauhid Yogyakarta
2.SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen Gunungkidul
3. BMT ” Amal Rizki ” Kepek Wonosari Gunungkidul
4.Majlis Tabligh PDM Gunungkidul
5.Takmir Masjid Al-Muqorrobbun Widoro Giripurwo Purwosari GK
Demikian atas kehadiran kaum muslin wal muslimat dimanapun berada diucapkan jazzakumullahu khairon katsiro.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr wb


“Barangsiapa berwudhu dengan baik keluarlah dosa-dosanya dari jasadnya sampaipun dari bawah kuku-kukunya. “(HR. Muslim)


PP angle Gb Hidayatullah Yogyakarta

Fig. Participants Mudzakarah

Located at Yayasan Pondok Pesantren As-Sakinah Hidayatullah Balong Ngaglik Sleman Yogyakarta since Saturday, March 12, 2011 bakda Prayer A’sar implemented activities taking material Mudzakarah Book Branches Faith Priest’s work was followed by the board Baihaqi.Acara Hidayatullah Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java covering south of Cilacap, Purwokerto Kutoarjo Kebumen, Magelang, Klaten, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo.

The event was opened by the chairperson Mudzakarah Hidayatullah Yogyakarta and Central Java Areas Bag Sel.Ustadz Sukamto introductory material followed by Ustazd Shakir from PP Hidayatullah Yogyakarta.Masuk participants break for Maghrib prayers pray Maghrib, Isha prayers Eat ‘. At about 20:00 pm Mudzakarah followed by guided by Ustazd Fakhrurahman with presenters stazd M. Shakir Syafi ‘. Activities in interspersed discussion and Q & A lasted until around 22:00 pm.

After that the participants a break until 03.00 pm to perform their prayers Lail, Fajr prayer and continued Mudzakarah continued until 06.30 pm. The event continued after the participants have breakfast at 08.00. Mudzakarah core Ustazd submitted by Aris Munandar from Pondok Pesantren “Halamatul Qur’an” Poor Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Events Mudzaakarah Syuabul book Faith works delivered by Imam Bayhaqi Ustazd Aris Munandar with a clear and engaging all participants with interspersed questions and answers and dialogue take place until Prayer dzuhur. A lot of questions and the accompanying discussion presented by the participants Mudzakarah.

Done Mudzakarah dzuhur all participants to perform their prayers and continued closure.

Similarly glance Mudzakarah activity book by Imam Bayhaqi Syuabul Faith in Pondok Pesantren Hidayatullah in Yogyakarta, may be one part of an effort to help the religion of Allah Almighty on earth.

PT Arminareka Perdana

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March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Tohoku area of ​​Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011 with a strength of 8.9 on the Richter scale killed at least 337 people and injured hundreds more adorn the news media and electronics. These events serve as a warning to us that no matter how great human good of science and technology advantages that other but before the Almighty Allah SWT advantage for humans is very, very small.

In a matter of minutes in the event that we could see large buildings are destroyed and washed away bah.Api burn with a great lick between the existing flood inundation proves that if God wills it could terjadi.Pesawat fly any event, the cars stranded among the ruins of buildings and the water really is incredibly ironic.

Japan has been known by many people in the world that the country has a very sophisticated technology, as well as discipline and accuracy can rely on humans before, but it was very small before God Almighty, in seconds and minutes are all meaningless.

Hopefully, this event makes us realize that before God Almighty God Almighty we are very weak and small, without God’s help and strength given by God then we can not do apa.Marilah us to always be grateful and acknowledge the power of God Almighty and perform what is commanded and avoid what he forbids so that God’s wrath is not to Kita.Kita sorry for this disaster and I hope Japanese people who were given the disaster given the strength and fortitude kesabaran.Amien


“(They are) those who, when disaster struck, they say: ‘Inna wa lillaahi innaa ilaihi raaji’uun” (QS Albaqoroh paragraph 156)

Pengajian at Pondok Pesantren Daarut Tauhid Bandung publicly held every Thursday night or Friday night and Sunday pagi.Setiap Friday night and Sunday morning Daarut Tauhid filled PP location jama’ah from all over the city and some even came from outside Bandung . The fame of Islamic leaders Daarut Tauhid Bandung with her Qolbu Management siphon various people everywhere to always follow studies setiapmalam Friday and Sunday Pagi.Setiap Friday night was not even a little jama’ah i’tikaf directly at the mosque Cottage Daruut Tauhid Islamic boarding schools until morning.

Gb.Gedung Pusat Informasi PP Daarut Tauhiid

Government Information Centre

On the day that conducted the study to the general public about Pondok Pesatren Daruut Tauhid Bandung like Tiban Market, filled with street vendors with a variety of merchandise that is offered to visitors pengajian.Kajian Sunday morning starting at 09.00 am, jama’ah been flocking to The mosque at around 8:00 pm with meeting the mosque and courtyard around the mosque.

Another feature that can be seen in this mosque is the orderliness and cleanliness in the various officers hal.Setiap fifteen minutes mop restroom where wudlu and ready with his tool untukmembrsihkan of smell and kotoran.Sandal-sandals that do not belong jama’ah care slippers are deposited in place diataur neatly so that when jama’ah out of the study site or a mosque has no need to reverse the sandals.
Gb Lorong Road with sidewalk vendors if there is recitation

Gb'Salah satu sudut PP Daruud Tauhiid 

After jama’ah entered the mosque and then implement Tahuyatul Mosque Prayer fervently then they will simply read the Qur’an or dhikr and worship according to their purpose masing.Disela in between lectures or after lectures finish that usually close by and do Muhasabah ‘a then all jama’ah with voluntary and sincerity will mengumupulkan some sustenance they receive from Allah SWT for da’wah diinfaqkan for the sake of Islam, and officers will swiftly come khusupun jama’ah who will collect infaqnya.Seusai recitation then the jama’ ah throng rushing to buy daily necessities or tools Muslims around the cottage, there is also enjoying the food and shopping at the Mini Market Pengajian Pondok.Dalam is because jama’ah who exploded it on the monitor screen to help some good in the mosque and outside the mosque.

When the father of my mother there was a program to Cancun will be very hurt when not to visit or to the Pondok Pesantren silaturohmi Daruut Tauhiid Bandung.Bila coincidence father’s mother was upgrading in PPPGT Bandung to visit Pondok Daruut Tauhiid to ride public transportation from the street Cihanjuang jurusann Cimahi-plumbing down in KPAD then ride public transportation in PP Daruut truru Tauhiid Gegerkalong.Jangan forget to bring infaq to support the activities of Islamic da’wah through Daruut Tauhiid. Hopefully there are benefits.

Fig. audience and other members

Joint study between the children with their parents landfill that runs once every 35 days in the mosques of Al-Mukarromah Glodogan Pulutan take place on Friday evening March 10 2011.Acara which began at 20:00 pm was opened by reading a letter of greeting Al _Fatekhah congregation continued takmir mosque Al-Mukarromah Drs Marsono father, father greeting Glodogan hamlet chief and the next event is the recitation. Pengajian which was attended by the students assisted the father of Drs Marsono landfill including his mother and father alkhamdulillah community leaders were keen to follow the current study, so the jama ‘ ah meet the mosque up to the porch of the mosque.

Fig. Drs Marsono provide a memento to the champions

Before the recitation begins first presented the results of the championship between students landfill by giving gifts to the landfill juara.Lomba conducted among students include race Athan to son, Competition wudlu practice, practice race prayer and recitation contest short letters in juz Amma.Dengan cheerful the students receive a gift that has been provided by the committee, so that with these stimulants can increase the spirit of the students to actively pursue landfill landfill activities at the mosque of Al-Mukharommah.

Pengajian currently focusing on the education of children which is currently due to the influence of globalization then our children are extremely vulnerable to various acts of mischief and are affected by pornography that can be accessed by anyone saja.Untuk that inflammation as well as many parents to shield his son for the later life can have the mental toughness of the various temptations of disobedience and other mischief.

In addition to the mosque attended by AL-Mukarommah jama’ah and the students study the current landfill was also attended by students and students from the School of Health Sciences Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin is corruption at the village Pulutan, Wonosari for an event closed bulan.Sebelum first performed introductions and few remarks from representatives of students who are CCN Stikes the Muhammadiyah.

Similarly, a glimpse of lectures at the mosque of Al-Mukharromah Glodogan Pulutan Wonosari hopefully be a means to help Allah’s religion in particular and Gunungkidul Pulutan in general.


“Whoever ablution well out of his sins from his body sampaipun from under her nails. “(Narrated by Muslim)

Mosques that dot the Gunungkidul huge numbers musholla.Secara hundreds of mosques and public buildings are mosques and mosque are now pretty good. Just saying the number of mosques has not been balanced by activities that memadahi.Banyak mosque weekly activities for public review has not been performing well especially teenagers who touched the mosque in particular.

Such realities are causing teens Mosque or Islamic youth who have more activity in their environment is sucked towards the other activities and some even dragged them towards the more activities negative.Kegiatan thongkrongan on the roadside in the HP booth while playing or chatting idly to and fro without any arahnya.Efeknya many young Muslims who hear Adhan voiced, in him there is no response at all let alone to come to the nearest mosque.

Athan voices are heard in voice-dominated Gunungkidul more fathers, even fathers who have tua.Ada indeed sound Teens adzanya but very little percentage. Even if the driving environment of the mosque or its characters a bit or just one or two then it could happen and occur, although many have entered the time of Prayer but no call to prayer.

By looking at such a reality for us then there should be efforts to have one or two teenagers who want to wrestle with mosque mosque as salahsatunya peal Athan with the skills we miliki.Hidupkan Education Park activities existing Qur’an, activate Mosque Youth activities and if we already have children or grandchildren get into the habit since childhood led him to the mosque to pray together. By getting the children to do acts of worship in the mosque Insha Allah one or two children will one wants a call to prayer, and especially to his mosque activities in general .

May Allah SWT always member force us to always move the mosque activities both children, adolescents and parents in order to help Allah.Amien religion.

PT Arminareka Perdana – Jakarta, Entering 2011, the number of converts who decided to convert to Islam at Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa (MASK) reached 61 people. When In total from the previous year, the number of converts who recorded the Ministry of Construction and Consultancy Service MASK new convert to reach 16,061 people.

“Thank God, during January and February a total of 61 people who decided to embrace Islam,” said Anwar Sujana, Head of Coaching and Consulting Services MASK new convert to, Sunday (27 / 2).

Anwar said of the 61 people who decided to embrace Islam, 20 percent are expatriates from various countries. Generally, apart from reasons of marriage, they decided to embrace Islam because of frequent direct contact with Islam either through environmental or reading material.

“So far there are many expatriates who decide to say two sentences creed in this mosque. There’s even an intention before deciding to convert to Islam a lot of digging for information on Islam here, “he said.

Anwar also said that factors in coaching and intensive consultations conducted MASK into a separate point for Muslim candidates. Usually, he said, the information is indeed originated from mouth to mouth.

Therefore, the mosque in coaching and consulting to flexible working. They are still non-Muslims are also allowed to come and take part in the mosque. According to him, the way it makes coaching more widespread pattern.

To the front of the mosque, he added, will continue to develop the mission and community development through the presence of MASK new convert who had founded a year ago. He said that through this community, the converts are expected to be able to develop self-management course with the guidance of MASK. It is considered more effective way so that the flow of coaching and development mission will take place on an ongoing basis.

Executive Circle MASK new convert, Steven Indra said Indonesia had become a kind of reference for someone who would decide to embrace Islam. That was proven when it requested an institution in Malaysia to describe the pattern formation and development of new Muslims.

However, he admitted that he still has a lot of homework related to coaching converts to finish. Because the data gathered Circle MASK new convert, convert 16,000, 5,000 of them back to the old religion.

Because it converts construction and development in the long run absolutely must be done. “We do not blame those who return to the original religion. It’s a chore that Muslims circumcise their duties not only just but necessary to do a good follow-through study, education and advocacy. All that, of course require a compact and istiqomah cooperation among Muslims, “he said. (AFP)

Death or death can indeed take us any time
Death or death could pick anyone without prior permisis, including us that today is probably still young and being at the top of this karir.dan occur in one-class parents who berdomisisli in NGipak Karngmojo Gunungkidul.

Monday afternoon he was still to memann paddy fields, then come home and when she reached home exhausted memberesi new grain drying, gathered in a room that had disediakan.Setelah he was taking a shower in the bathroom … in the bathroom turned out to tumble down and then up to the death.

As co-author of the first class of students that a class bertakziah to his home, the author saw his house unfinished, some have not yet dipleseter dipleseter but some here and there is still not perfect, which may be enhanced after the rice harvest …. but it turns out God says another. God is more dear to him so he was called before his perfect kehadirat_NYA … before his son graduated from vocational school and married before her first child.

Hopefully, he received pious charity of Allah, forgiveness of sin and guilt families abandoned given the fortitude and patience, and even without the guidance of the birth father may be a son of Salih useful for families, the State and religion and more importantly continue to want their parents after prayers mendo’akan five times.

Already sapkah we catch up …?

Gb. Muhammad Alfian

Muhammad Alfian seorang aktifis masjid di masjid Al-Ikhlas Kureksari,Waru,Sidoarjo Jawa Timur sudah beberapa bulan diuji oleh Alloh SWT dengan “GAGAL GINJAL”Akibatnya setiap 5 hari sekali harus cuci darah.Menurut dokter satu-satunya jalan pemulihan adalah dengan cangkok ginjal,tetapi  membutuhkan dana yang sangat besar sehingga bila tanpa pertolongan Alloh sangat sulit dilaksanakan.Maklum setelah divonis gagal ginjal Alfian diberhentikan dari perusahaan dimana ia  bekerja.

Setelah diberhentikan dari perusahaan dimana ia bekerja ,Alfian beserta istri mencoba menjemput rezeki dari Alloh SWT dengan menjual jajanan di rumahnya, tetapi karena modal yang dipakai juga dipergunakan untuk berobat dan cuci darah maka usaha tersebut berhenti dipertengahan jalan.Tentu saja kondisi ini sangat memberatkan beban hidup yang semakin berat.

Walaupun begitu mas Muhammad Alfian tetap  aktif mengurus kegiatan masjid dilingkungannya terutama kegiatan-kegiatan Remaja Masjid.Menurut Haji Kunan ketua takmir masjid Al-Ikhlas Kereksari ,kegigihan Muhammad Alfian perlu ditiru oleh semua jama’ah sebab walaupun menderita gagal ginjal tetapi semangat dakwah dan semangat hidupnya sangat tinggi.Namun sebagai takmir masjid ia berharap Muhammad Alfian bisa sembuh,karena itu ada orang yang mempunyai kelebihan rezeki dari Alloh bisa menyisihkan sebagian rezekinya untuk pengobatan  baik cuci darah ataupun bila Alloh menghendai untuk cangkok ginjal.

Bagi para Dermawan yang meringankan beban keluarga Mas Muhammad Alfian bisa melalui Dana Kemanusiaan PT Lentera Jaya Abadi ( penerbit majalah Suara Hidayatullah )

No. Rekening : 141 00 0972414 7   Bank Mandiri.  Telp. 031 5998143-46.Insya Allah dana yang masuk akan disalurkan kepada yang bersangkutan.Insya Allah  bantuan para dermawan semua akan dibalas oleh Allah dengan balasan yang berlipat ganda.

Hikmah :

Hadis riwayat Abu Hurairah ra:
Orang yang membiayai para janda dan orang miskin itu bagaikan seorang pejuang di jalan Allah. Aku mengira beliau menambahkan: Dan bagaikan orang yang selalu menjalankan salat malam tanpa henti atau bagaikan orang yang selalu berpuasa tanpa berbuka. (Shahih Muslim )


Gathering of the many times from SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen to disaster areas Merapi in Central Java held to a location des Mranggen Srumbung Magelang Central Java which deliver current Tengah.Personal dalah father as the driver Sukrisno Spd Spd Mother father Agustin Suwasosno Yuanah Dwirohwati. By car pledge Blue Deer school transport rice, eggs and wear proper clothes to the location after prayers dzuhur.

Fig. School Troupe Received Refugee Assistance Officer in Post

After about 2 hour journey arrived at the destination location that is in Poso Help Merapi entourage received by the officers and the immediate entourage deliver goods goods dibawa.Setelah lower than alleviate the suffering of people affected mountain Merapirombongan chatting with the gentlemen officers heading.

Fig. Plants and the Environment is still broken

Fig. Officers PLN Improving Electricity Network

After we chatted and then excused himself to go back to the campus SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen.Disepanjang street party to see how severe damage to infrastructure including Merapi disaster karenan trees just as it has not yet recovered from PLN semula.Bapak gentlemen seem to improve the electricity network can not life to be revived.

After traveling approximately 2 hours entourage came to school and straight back toward the house masingp own.
PT Arminareka Perdana