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Peristiwa  ini saya alami ketika mengunjungi Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka di Yogyakarta pada hari Ahad 20 Mei 2012 karena sesuatu hal hanp phone saya terjatuh sewaktu berada di Kabun binatang tersebut.Sewaktu keluar dari kebun binatang belum terasa bila hand phone terjatuh atau tertinggal .Setelah melakukan perjalanan pulang baru terasa bila hand phone saya hilang atau tertinggal .Kemudian dengan menggunakan hanp phone yang lain kita mis call dan diterima oleh salah satu petugas Satuan Pengaman Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka .Petugas tadi mengatakan bahwa hand phone saya sudah berada di kantor satpam Gembira Loka dan bisa di ambil saat itu juga.

Akhirnya saya kembali ke Gembira Loka kemudian menanyakan pada petugas pintu masuk dan disarankan untuk menuju kantor Satpam..Sesampai di kantor Satpam saya menemui petugas Satpam dan di suruh miss call dengan HP yang lain. Setelah berhasil  HP tersebut langsung diberikan dan saya terima.

Secara rasional sewaktu terasa HP hilang atau tertinggal saya sudah berpikir kecil kemungkinan HP bisa ditemukan sebab selain pengunjung saat itu sangat banyak juga lokasi kebun binatang yang sangat luas.Tetapi ternyata HP bisa ditemukan dan sudah berada di kantor SATPAM, padahal saya tidak merasa melewati atau masuk kantor tersebut sebelumnya.

Semoga pengamanan barang milik pengunjung di kebun binatang Gembira Loka Yogyakarta bisa ditiru oleh semua pihak khusunya instansi atau tempat rekreasi yang lain sehingga pengunjung merasa aman terhadap barang bawaan yang dibawanya.
Terima kasih kepada Satuan Pengaman Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka Yogyakarta, semoga langkah tersebut menjadikan kebun binatang Gembira Loka semakin banyak pengunjungnya.

Hikmah :

Baginda Rasulullah Shallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, menyampaikan , “Sebaik-baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat bagi manusia lainnya”


Entrance Into Natural Still Location

Gunungkidul DI Yogyakarta has diverse natural attractions both Cave, an underground river or tlaga and beaches.
One of the natural attractions of underground rivers and caves are located in the  “Kali Suci “Semanu Gunungkidul.
Holy times when taken from Yogyakarta is about 52 km through the city which is the capital district Wonosari Gunungkidul.Setelah Wonosari then we get forwarded straight to the east to the direction which is the capital district Semanu Semanu.Dari Wonosari about 7 km to the east will get to the bridge Jirak then there are instructions kusus The holy time that show the turn to the South approximately 3.2 km.Sampai field at the intersection we turn to the West about 1.5 miles then there are clues to the location Kali Kali Suci.Jalan entrance to the Sacred, a distance of about 0.5 km is still a rough cobblestone roads or nggronjal as in the image below in.

Instructions or paan name of city cash since Wonosari like display in the photo.

Until the end of the driveway is the former buildings that have been damaged so that a direct o sekitarnya.Dari disturbing scene at the end of this road then turn right past the road that sometimes setapk bertangga belak bawah.Sebelum to turn toward the bottom of the right side we will look steep-walled mountain views. River which flows from north to south looks clear and then into the cave into an underground river.

For visitors who bring a motorcycle can be deposited in place day care nursery khusu motorcycle motorcycle maupu near stalls that sell drinks with parking cost a thousand dollars.

Holy time will be very good and suitable for activities and also activities bleak Haeking another adventure, the underground river search misalnya.Tebing steep and the trail around the river became a place to practice the skills and courage, so it is suitable for both nature lovers of elements of scouting and youth lainnya.Sayang a glance like less manicured and a few damaged buildings, causing the impression of a slum.

Gb. Goa Tempat Masuknya Air Sungai Kali Suci Dilihat Dari Atas

Hopefully the visitors do not add to the existing environmental damage so that in the long term can be an asset in Gunungkidul natural wisat especially and Yogyakarta in general.

. Whoever would like his prayers had been answered and freed from the difficulty, let him overcome the (complete) difficulties. (Narrated by Ahmad)

PT Arminareka Perdana



Ngobaran Beach, located in the village district Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Regency Yogyakarta is an unspoiled beach and very indah.Dari Wonosari Gunungkidul district which is located about 35 km to the south.

When the direction of Yogyakarta, about 65 km distance to be able to browse the streets of Yogyakarta Ngobaran.Bila-Wonosari then if it is to fly Ivory Square turn right onto sub Playen, Paliyan. From the district continues keselatan Paliyan toward Trowono PUSIKLAT Army through and through a forest that Sodong running uphill and berkeloko-kelok.Di Sodong area can still be found lurking in animal ape caves in the woods Sodong.

Before entering TROWONO Namberan will pass through the lake as a water reserve Trowono and surrounding communities, particularly for livestock drink, bathe and wash pakaian.Masuk Trowono Market directly to the south past the paved roads are somewhat narrow, winding past the village Saptosari.Di Kanigoro right side of the road encountered drinking water pipes that are drawn to the community from water sources and Ngrenehan Ngobaran NGobaran.Sebelum entrance there is a crossroads where when turning left into NGRENEHAN and when turning right onto the beach in Ngobaran NGOBARAN.Sesampai will be treated to beautiful views, from the top of the hill we could see a vast ocean with the waves that bergulug-gulung.Dipinggir no stretch of coast is very beautiful rock in which some people find sustenance by picking ruput sea to be sold as an additional penghasilan.Sebagian population make food stalls and room service small for bathing and washing.

At the diner owned by our residents can enjoy eating rice with side dishes of fried fish with chilli vegetables and cabbage as well as frustration basil leaves very delicious and tasty.

A glimpse of the beauty of the beach so Ngobaran Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta could hopefully be a reference for people who want to visit Yogyakarta Ngobaran Gunungkidul

Baginda Rasulullah Shallahu alaihi wa sallam, conveyed, “The best man is for the benefit of other human beings”

Fig. Mouth Cave viewed from within

One of the Creation of Allah SWT object Tourism in Goa Rancang  Gunungkidul is located in Menggoran hamlets, villages Bleberankecamatan Playen Gunungkidul.Dari Wonosari direction toward the capital city of Yogyakarta is about 40 km.Rute Gunungkidul trip from Yogyakarta to Wonosari, Arriving at the Air Field Ivory Playen turn Right to the district and then headed toward Playen Paliyan district, about 300 meters there is the T-junction turn right towards village village Bleberan.Dari Bleberan Arriving at the fork in the hamlet Kepek Banyusoco turn right past the paved road that has been lightly damaged about 2 miles into the hamlet Menggoran Bleberan.

The beautiful landscape with eucalyptus plants and background of the mountains a thousand on the west and north to add pleasure that we can see ahead to a location in the cave design.

The entrance to the site about 1.5 km Goa Rancang  is still a white stone path that has not been paved, so the need for caution motorcyclists and car especially in the rainy season because licin.Di entrance about two hundred meters from the cave there are signposts and counter restribusi are not yet operating.

Fig. Hole cave with stalactite and stalagmites
Kiosk small traders around Goa and the secretariat building with palm shoots ditemboknya emblem was before entering the cave west goa.Disebelah available small bias field is used for activities or ceremonies when making camp in the vicinity of the cave Goa Rancang.Di available land that can be used to shelter as well as camping although there are rocks surrounding nature but if well laid out exactly become artistic.

In addition to the west of the small rooms available that can be used visitors or campers for small and large bowel.

Entering the Cave Design we have to go down the stone stairs and immediately we will find a large tree that towered up to the outside goa.Didalamnya filled with walls of the cave with stalactite and a indah.Ada satalagnit flat land area of approximately 2 times a badminton court can be used to break or carry out activities to be implemented.

Viewing sites around Goa design, then this location could be developed into a campsite and natural attractions for the people of Gunung especially educational institutions but did not rule out tours from luar Gunungkidulpun be drawn to this location is within the framework of science research needs to support it with local pengetahuan.Pemerintah road asphalt at least up in Goa given the current location of these roads are in poor condition.

Maintenance of buildings that now need the support of all parties for a minimum of an existing building can be used appropriately and to support the development of Goa Rancang.Semoga all parties can mutually salng competent hand in hand to take care of him so that it can be an asset Gunungkidul region.

Similarly, one glimpse of Goa Goa Rancang  creation of Allah Almighty that we can enjoy and we care as a form of gratitude to Allah SWT.


“My people will look at the last day with shining faces, hands and legs glistening from traces of ablution.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)
PT Arminareka Perdana


Gb.2 Entrance Into Coast

Fig. 1 Beach Gesing Views From The Hill

Gesing beach located in Girikarto Grill is a beach and at the same Gunungkidul nelayan.Bila region taken from Yogyakarta then after entering Gunungkidul and arrived in the Ivory approximately 30 km from Yogyakarta airport Ivory exactly after turning right onto the sub-district Playen.Dari Playen about 5 Plaiyan km to the district continue to Trowono then turn Right towards Panggang.Sampai district in the village of precisely Girisekar SD Rice and the road there is a huge banyan tree we turn left through a narrow paved road, although about 8 km will arrived at the beach Gesing.Jalan go to the beach Gesing from Rice Elementary School there is still some lack of good roads and little narrow, so we need to be careful in driving a car or riding a beach entrance sepesa motor.Mendekati Gesing housing will be found that the number of fishermen around the forties to residence fishermen who go to sea from the beach Gesing.Masuk Gesing coast we get a beautiful panorama with a wide expanse of sea. On the next row of stalls selling fish with a nice and interesting architect.

If there is time and opportunity to enjoy the beach let Gesing Girikerto Bake Gunungkidul.

Fig. Drini Beach

Natural beauty of Allah’s creation in Gunungkidul DIYogyakarta one Drini beach is the beach Drini.Lokasi when taken from Wonosari which is a capital of Gunung sekitar27 km away across the beach with Baron, Kukup beaches and beach Drini.Bila of Yogyakarta Yogyakarta is about 67 Km.Dari before entered the town at the roundabout Siyonoharjo Wonosari exactly turn right through Ringroad south and after passing the intersection Seneng Siraman turn right onto the beach Baron.

From the splash of water will pass through the intersection Seneng Karangrejek, Mulo danlurus continued south past the villages Karang asem, Tamarind, Kemadang with the winding road up and down that need to be extra careful when we are riding a motorcycle or car. On either side of the road when she reached in Pecan will be visible mountains are lined with a thousand strong.

Before entering the beach where we will pass the PLA in addition to tickets for visitors is also a ticket for parking motorcycles and cars will be drawn in TPR ini.Bila we want to see the beauty of Baron beach we could go straight on to the South coast of Baron but if we want to direct to the beach Drini Baron then immediately before entering the beach turn left towards the beach Drini by first passing Kukup beach with views of huge waves.

About 5 km from the beach, we go to the beach Baron Drini that are still contaminated by humans. Subkhanalloh white sand beach with his lips can we see in front of us with Drini island and a vast blue sea water with a roll of waves that are besar.Kita could play on the white sand and if you want a break can take shelter under shady trees. If you want sholatpun already available mosque representative with the size 7 mx 7 m.

If we want to go to the island Drini live across the white sand water payai or later with the trail ride into the island to see the sights offshore area and the surrounding landscape.

Let if there is time and opportunity to visit the beach Drini Gunungkidul Yogyakarta keluarga.Selamat with relatives relatives or on vacation.


‘My people will look at the last day with shining faces, hands and legs glistening from the scars ablution. “(Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)

Below are photographs of caves located in the village NGringrong Mulo.Wonosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta Indonesia

Gb.Tebing West of
Fig. Cliff West Entrance
Fig.Tebing near Mouth Cave
Fig. Hole Cave In Cave west NGingrong
Fig. Cliff Cave on the west
Fig.Dilihat From Up North

Fig. Cave Entrance Ngingrong viewed from above

Fig. Cliff Cave Ngingrong visits from Upper West

NGingrong Cave, located in the village of Mulo, Wonosari Gunungkidul, DIYOGYAKARTA when taken from the direction of Yogyakarta will be located approximately 48 km.Dari direction toward Wonosari Yogya which is the capital district of Gunung about 40 km.Sesampai in Bunderan SiyonoHarjo Logandeng about 50 meterlagi we turn to the right memsauki ring road south until the street department Baron beach is Coral rejek diperempatan Karangsejek.Di intersection we turn right through the road to the Baron around 7km MULO will arrive at the fork, then we turn left toward Sub Tepus and 1 km again arrived at the Cave NGingrong which is still natural.

There are two small shops where if you bring a car or motorcycle can we Leave to stall owner tersebit.Dari highway about 25 m we get to the cliff cavern deep and wide enough when viewed from the north.

Border cave is still a bamboo and wood, so we must be careful if you want to look down.

If we want to enter the cave then we have walked around to the south end first then we can pass the path through the cave to cave into gua.Didalam stalaknit besides many stalactites and there is also a fountain which formerly often taken the surrounding population to be exploited.

The beauty in the cave can we explore if we bring a flashlight and other auxiliary equipment.

Similarly, a glimpse of the Cave NGingrong in Mulo, Wonosari Gunungkidul, for readers who are going to the beach Sundak or Baron could come to enjoy the beauty of Cave NGingrong which is a creation of Allah SWT.

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96. If if the population of countries believe and fear Allah, surely We shall bestow on them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them because of his actions. (QS 7. Al-A’raaf paragraph 96)