Chris Wayne Jackson: dari Kompetisi NBA ke Medan Dakwah

Chris Wayne Jackson

Chris Wayne Jackson

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DENVER – On March 12, 1996, was as a dark history in Chris Wayne Jackson’s career as a professional pebasket. On that date nearly fifteen years ago, Jackson got sanctioned match ban from the NBA, Basketball Association of the United States. These penalties are imposed on Jackson because he was not willing to stand up when the United States national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner is sung just before the game started. When he repaired the Denver Nuggets.

At that Jackson thinks this (standing, red) is not worth it, because he thinks the United States flag is a symbol of oppression. He also said that the United States itself has a long history of tyranny and not in accordance with his faith as a Muslim.

Suddenly, Jackson’s actions were considered controversial public protests from Uncle Sam’s country which led to the sanctions ban from the NBA. But the penalty is suspension only lasted one game. Two days later the sanctions overturned. NBA also made a deal with the bloody pebasket African-American. In accordance with the contents of the agreement, Jackson still had to stand during the national anthem is sung, but he was allowed to bow his head and closed his eyes. Abdul-Rauf said at the time like that, he prayed.

Lapse of thirteen years later, in an occasion when the middle to give lectures at a mosque in Gulfport, Mississippi, firmly Jackson revealed that his attitude was articulates of religion in daily life. ”I use the controversy as a tool to explain to others about my religion,”he said.

Chris Wayne Jackson was born in Gulfport on March 9, 1969. He was the NBA basketball players in the era of the 90s. In the past, Jackson is one of the most excellent point guard. He was born and raised in the middle of Christian families. He changed his name to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf when he converted and embraced Islam in 1991.

Before plunging into the NBA, Jackson strengthen the basketball team where he enrolled at Louisiana State University (LSU). Along with this college basketball team Jackson has a brilliant basketball career. This is also the one who then pushed the Denver Nuggets, one NBA professional basketball team, recruited him in 1990. Since then his career as a professional basketball player began.

Abdul-Rauf can be regarded as the best player in the club bakset based in Denver, Colorado. He strengthened the Denver Nuggets to season 1995-1996. In the 1992-1993 season, Abdul-Rauf won the Most Improved Player Award, an award given to a player who is considered to have shown better growth than the previous season. While strengthening the Denver Nuggets he also once led the NBA in shooting percentage categories free (free-throw) in a season best in 1994 and 1996. He has a record of 19.2 points and 6.8 assists per game in season 1995-1996.

Although the play was finally suspended revoked and replaced with a ban on playing just as much as one-time game, but no doubt he later became the most hated player in the U.S.. Basketball career in the U.S. is threatened. Evidently, not long after the United States national anthem controversy, the Denver Nuggets was ending its contract with Abdul-Rauf. But Abdul-Rauf was unmoved by these beliefs and habits.

Leaving the NBA

After no longer strengthen the Nuggets, he could play for another NBA team, Sacramento Kings, before he actually left the professional basketball competition in the United States. He strengthened Sacramento just over two seasons (1996 to 1998).

After leaving the NBA competition, Abdul-Rauf crossed the globe from one club to another basketball club. He never played for Turkish basketball club, Fenerbahce during one season (1998-1999). After that he had a vacuum during one season, then he plays basketball again with the Vancouver Grizzlies, a Canadian basketball club during the season 2000-2001. After his contract was not renewed by the Vancouver Grizzlies, he chose to pause from the basketball arena for two seasons (2001-2003).

In 2003, Abdul-Rauf binding contract with the Russian basketball team, Ural Great Perm, during one season. After that, then he plays in a row for the Italian basketball club Sedima Roseto (2004-2005); Greek basketball club Aris Thessaloniki (2006-2007); basketball club Al-Ittihad of Saudi Arabia (2008-2009), and Japanese club Kyoto basketball Hannaryz (2009-2010).

After the poor across the various basketball competitions of the world, Abdul-Rauf was still save the desire to be back playing in the NBA competition. ”Maybe I can re-appear in the United States. The door may have closed but the NBA did not exist only in the city and I want to use God-given talents even though I only play in Timbuktu,”said Abdul Rauf was quoted as saying Yahoosports early April 2010.

His decision to leave the NBA basketball competition, bringing major changes in the self-Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Slowly, he began dabbling in propaganda activities. He built a mosque in his hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi. In fact he became the imam at the mosque.

Abdul-Rauf hope, the existence of this mosque will have a positive impact on young people in Gulfport are known to be close to drugs and crime. He also often hold events that involve young people in Gulfport. Science”can make a slave become a king,”That advice is often delivered Abdul-Rauf to the Muslim youth in his neighborhood.

In every speech, he also advised the young generation of Muslims is to uphold Islam wherever they are and study as much as possible. ”We always saw education as a preparation to find work for the sake of financial security. But we forget the main purpose of education should be provision for a person to survive in life,”he said.

He compares education-based Western secularism, separating between the state with religion. According to him, education in Islam should cover all aspects of life. ”The Muslim community can not get rid of his religion into the ‘toilet’,”said Abdul-Rauf.

Abdul-Rauf also describes the results of a study conducted by professors at Harvard University and Yale University. The study’s results showed that African children have more talent quickly caught a lesson. ”History proves that the people of Africa and Muslims are the inventors of modern disciplines such as algebra and various other sciences,”he said.