Fig. Telo or Cassava

Tapioca or cassava is a drought resistant crop and is suitable for dry areas such as Gunungkidul.Selain leaves to the tuber vegetables also can be used as a food ingredient that can be processed into various foods.

When peeled later in the dry it will be dried cassava tubers that can be used as food pokok.Gaplek even when processed will be a snack food that is Gathot which when cooked and mixed with sugar or grated coconut and sprinkled with salt then it will be a food that’s fun.

When crushed the dried cassava into flour and can be cooked into thiwul that if given the grated coconut a pinch of salt into an exciting snack than as a source of iron for our bodies. Cassava flour when mixed with boiling water (hot water,) then given kambil seasoning, salt brambang in fried onions and then will be able to Brangkal that our friend pait tea in the morning.

If in such a professional if Gethuk fried like fried getuk H. Tohirin SOKARAJA BANYUMAS it will have a very high trade value in 2010 for perkoligram Nineteen thousand dollars.

Subkhanalloh turned out to be a wide range of cassava meal, hanay sometimes we do not want to process it optimally.

* Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra:
People who pay for the widows and the poor is like a fighter in Allah’s way. I think he adds: And like people who always run non-stop prayers night or like a person who is always fast without breaking. (Saheeh Muslim)