In 2010, Swansea University in the UK released the results of studies that show an indication of the ever increasing number of white British people who converted to Islam.

Studies conducted in cooperation with the organization Faith Matters, using census results on the Scots who converted to Islam since 2001. From the data known, the number of British people who become converts approximately 5200 people and nearly half are women from among the whites.

One British woman who converted to Islam is Roxanne Uddin. He said two sentences creed in 2007 at a mosque in East London because it was going to marry her boyfriend, Ali.

Roxane and Ali met in college where they study. Roxane acknowledged his life changed for the better after converting to Islam and marry Muslim men.

“I do a lot of bad things in the past, I decided to convert to Islam, then me and my girlfriend decided to get married. Islam and marriage changed my life, and make my life better, for me and my family,” says Roxane.

“I’m so quit drinking and quit smoking, but I do not have many friends who had been robbed of my personality, I come from social backgrounds that are less good. I ran away from home at age 15 years and I was forced to mature faster .. .

“At that time, I did not have many good friends. Activities I was just in college, wandering and perlaku I am really bad,” he said.

Roxane says that her husband had not forced him to move his own religion but who feel interested in Islam after seeing Ali and hear prayers read the Koran. Curiosity Roxane appeared and made her want to know Islam further.

After converting to Islam in 2007, Roxane told his family about become Muslim. Initially, the family Roxane shock. But over time, families can receive Roxane finally become Muslim.

“My family would come and celebrate Eid with our family. Ramadan last year, my sister came and went fast. He wanted to know how it feels fast. Some people from my family also fasted, we all enjoyed it,” says Roxane.

That is still an issue instead of the family of Ali, the husband of Roxane, who do not approve marriage with Roxane Ali. Ali’s family, according to their cultures, have prepared a wedding on the basis of an arranged marriage for Ali.

But the family of Ali’s attitude gradually changed, especially Rahim – Roxane and Ali’s son – born and Roxane met with a large family Ali in the year 2008-2009. “I feel afraid, very afraid when going to meet. But it turned out they were very good, their attitude is very different from Western culture in which I never grew up,” said Roxane

“The family of Ali entertain us with a variety of cuisine and made us truly feel welcome and comfortable. I am a bit surprised when he met them, but I got a little relaxed in their midst,” said Roxane.

Since the first meeting, the relationship Roxane and her husband became close family and it helps Roxane in living life as a convert. To this day, Roxane still learning about Islam, especially to learn the Koran. (Ln /