Fig. Biogas Treatment Plant in PP Hidayatullah Yogyakarta

Boarding schools in Indonesia of nearly reached thousands with hundreds of thousands of students who live in every day the students dalamnya.Hampir shitting either water or water of this kecil.Saat not been widely used dirt boarding party that still indirectly become a problem especially for places and disposal.

Yet when the dung used for fuel can be empowered either to cook or for lainnya.Dengan utilization of human or animal waste into biogas, the many benefits it brings, in addition to reducing pollution, increase energy source also reduces landfill dirt because dirt can be processed directly so the place needed to be smaller in volume.

When the boarding school there was also farm the manure can also be combined to manufacture biogas.Salah a boarding school that has been trying to process the manure into biogas is Pondok Pesantren Hidayatullah located in Sleman Yogyakarta.Pondok boarding Baling choosed it tries to process cow manure dipeliharanya for making biogas so that it can increase energy reserves, particularly for cooking and others.

I hope more Muslim Boarding School who want to innovate to process animal or human feces to be processed into biogas that is more beneficial to the boarding school.


“Benediction is pronounced between Azaan and iqomat not rejected (by Allah).” (Narrated by Ahmad)