Delinquency Students at both schools and junior high school level is sometimes a challenge for existing schools. Many setrategi and the work done with the school for student delinquency can be reduced both the number and type of naughty pupils.

For State schools or school-based General yangtidak religion where religion is only 2-hour lesson per week is really a percentage that is less than the environment and completely outside of school problems faced siswa.Keluarga that because of the demanding needs of her son led to concern parents somewhat less, community members of diminishing concern for the youth and school children around him led to one factor triggering the current number of student delinquency.

Author’s experience in private schools based on religion by adding material of Al-Quran recitation can add activity outside of school students in both the family and in society with busy memorizing the Qur’an commissioned by sekolah.Dengan tanbahan busy memorizing it then free time for students to be reduced because there should do rote tasks.

With a little experience God willing, this method can be tried and developed by public schools, by entering a recitation of Al-Qu’an curriculum so that in addition to value of worship in the eyes of Allah SWT also adds a positive activity outside school hours for students who Insha Allah bisam reduce delinquency students.

May Allah SWT always member the power to educators so that given the patience and steadfastness in preparing putrapitri nation capable successor generasai religion of Allah SWT help Amien.


Baginda Rasulullah Shallahu alaihi wa sallam, conveyed, “The best man is for the benefit of other human beings”

PT Arminareka Perdana