Upgrading activities or workshops and the like when undertaken in the morning and afternoon or evening is that there are many participants or maybe even sleepy anymore tertidur.Apa method delivered the lecture method so that the activities of participants limited to listening only, the chances are very great pesera sleepy.

When the speaker response so that the method presented interspersed with question and answer or ask participants to perform movements or game for a while then the committee is not too dibebabi by case number pesert a sleepy or sleeping, but when the donor material is less responsive then the committee we have to make steps or setrategi for the number of participants is sleepy or tertisur can be reduced so that the target achievement of the material as expected.

There are some that can be implemented setrategi committee for the participants are not sleepy during seasion last one of which was provided to participants in the technical candy can be distributed directly or place participants took himself out of the box. Insha Allah with this candy coffee candy kind kopiko especially the drowsiness for participants can be reduced.

The second way is to take water wudlu participants or at least wash the face of the bull is possible, God willing, washing face with berwudlu especially the drowsiness may be reduced or eliminated for a while.

So at a glance one simple setrategi satgu for participants in an activity not much sleep or tertidur.Semoga no benefit.


“Whoever ablution well out of his sins from his body sampaipun from under her nails. “(Narrated by Muslim)