Entrance Into Natural Still Location

Gunungkidul DI Yogyakarta has diverse natural attractions both Cave, an underground river or tlaga and beaches.
One of the natural attractions of underground rivers and caves are located in the  “Kali Suci “Semanu Gunungkidul.
Holy times when taken from Yogyakarta is about 52 km through the city which is the capital district Wonosari Gunungkidul.Setelah Wonosari then we get forwarded straight to the east to the direction which is the capital district Semanu Semanu.Dari Wonosari about 7 km to the east will get to the bridge Jirak then there are instructions kusus The holy time that show the turn to the South approximately 3.2 km.Sampai field at the intersection we turn to the West about 1.5 miles then there are clues to the location Kali Kali Suci.Jalan entrance to the Sacred, a distance of about 0.5 km is still a rough cobblestone roads or nggronjal as in the image below in.

Instructions or paan name of city cash since Wonosari like display in the photo.

Until the end of the driveway is the former buildings that have been damaged so that a direct o sekitarnya.Dari disturbing scene at the end of this road then turn right past the road that sometimes setapk bertangga belak bawah.Sebelum to turn toward the bottom of the right side we will look steep-walled mountain views. River which flows from north to south looks clear and then into the cave into an underground river.

For visitors who bring a motorcycle can be deposited in place day care nursery khusu motorcycle motorcycle maupu near stalls that sell drinks with parking cost a thousand dollars.

Holy time will be very good and suitable for activities and also activities bleak Haeking another adventure, the underground river search misalnya.Tebing steep and the trail around the river became a place to practice the skills and courage, so it is suitable for both nature lovers of elements of scouting and youth lainnya.Sayang a glance like less manicured and a few damaged buildings, causing the impression of a slum.

Gb. Goa Tempat Masuknya Air Sungai Kali Suci Dilihat Dari Atas

Hopefully the visitors do not add to the existing environmental damage so that in the long term can be an asset in Gunungkidul natural wisat especially and Yogyakarta in general.

. Whoever would like his prayers had been answered and freed from the difficulty, let him overcome the (complete) difficulties. (Narrated by Ahmad)

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