Gb.Warung sate Moro seneng Jeruksari Wonosari

Warung sate “Moro Seneng” located on the west bridge is one of Jeruksari Wonosari warun g sate in Wonosari Gunungkidul.Warung which provides a menu mutton satay, curry accompanied tongseng and drink ice tea, orange juice and so much visited by the public because of the taste typical and the price is cheap.

Stall which was originally located in the southeast market and bird market Pring Kepek Wonosari with kiosks that simple moment, alkhamdulillah now occupies its own building representative and convenient for visitors.

Satay stalls which in initiated by BU SADEMI with her husband in 1973 with a shop that is still hiring, starting in 2008 have managed to buy land and build permanent buildings so that buyers are more comfortable to enjoy the cuisine sate SADEMI bu.

Open every day from at 09.30 pm until about 15:00 pm and on average spend one goat meat for about six hundred thousand rupiah.Harga perporsi, satay + white rice and drinks for the satay and fried rice enough to pay fifteen thousand dollars, while for curry goat perporsi including rice and drinks for ten thousand dollars.

In addition to serving direct purchase BU Sademi also serve the order that can be taken as well as in between the home buyer. If readers want the message to contact no HP: 081 388 091 528.

So little success story bu Sademi with satay stall “Moro Seneng” with great effort and perseverance can succeed alkhamdulillah pioneering effort that could add a bit more employment and reduce unemployment. Good effort with the shop bu Sademi satenya “Moro Seneng” always in the Almighty God linungan can develop a satisfying customer stalls menjai I Wonosari in general.


Baginda Rasulullah Shallahu alaihi wa sallam, conveyed, “The best man is for the benefit of other human beings”

PT Arminareka Perdana