Ngobaran Beach, located in the village district Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Regency Yogyakarta is an unspoiled beach and very indah.Dari Wonosari Gunungkidul district which is located about 35 km to the south.

When the direction of Yogyakarta, about 65 km distance to be able to browse the streets of Yogyakarta Ngobaran.Bila-Wonosari then if it is to fly Ivory Square turn right onto sub Playen, Paliyan. From the district continues keselatan Paliyan toward Trowono PUSIKLAT Army through and through a forest that Sodong running uphill and berkeloko-kelok.Di Sodong area can still be found lurking in animal ape caves in the woods Sodong.

Before entering TROWONO Namberan will pass through the lake as a water reserve Trowono and surrounding communities, particularly for livestock drink, bathe and wash pakaian.Masuk Trowono Market directly to the south past the paved roads are somewhat narrow, winding past the village Saptosari.Di Kanigoro right side of the road encountered drinking water pipes that are drawn to the community from water sources and Ngrenehan Ngobaran NGobaran.Sebelum entrance there is a crossroads where when turning left into NGRENEHAN and when turning right onto the beach in Ngobaran NGOBARAN.Sesampai will be treated to beautiful views, from the top of the hill we could see a vast ocean with the waves that bergulug-gulung.Dipinggir no stretch of coast is very beautiful rock in which some people find sustenance by picking ruput sea to be sold as an additional penghasilan.Sebagian population make food stalls and room service small for bathing and washing.

At the diner owned by our residents can enjoy eating rice with side dishes of fried fish with chilli vegetables and cabbage as well as frustration basil leaves very delicious and tasty.

A glimpse of the beauty of the beach so Ngobaran Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta could hopefully be a reference for people who want to visit Yogyakarta Ngobaran Gunungkidul

Baginda Rasulullah Shallahu alaihi wa sallam, conveyed, “The best man is for the benefit of other human beings”