Saat Bergabung di Satpol PP, Icok Benda Mulai Tertarik Islam

This Batak man was born in Sibolga 31 years ago. He claimed loudly raised Christian. Not only are required to adhere to religious teachings, if a member is off the mark, the family did not hesitate to take strong action.

Things Icok one devout family members worship. When the lecture he went in a Christian university in Bandung. His life is far from contiguity with the Muslim made him never thought about Islam.

But the conditions were changed once he began working as an officer in the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP). When assigned to secure the polling stations in the district of Tanjung Priok, Icok, many Muslims meet people.

Relations with the Muslim Icok rate rise, no longer merely greet each, but helping each other. Even when Icok hit by economic hardships, Muslim colleagues who helped a lot. That was the beginning Icok interested about Islam.

It was the month of Ramadan, when Icok stationed in the Tanjung Priok district. “My condition is difficult. When there is no money for food, friends often asked me to go eat together when breaking the fast. They never mempermasalahka I am not a Muslim” said the father of one child

Muslim presence in his life makes Icok changed. He sees every person he encountered Islam always be kind to him, regardless of religion.

That’s when the Islamic impetus to the growing Icok, he expressed his desire to learn about Islam to co-workers. Rather than giving a book or invite discussion, the friend immediately took Icok to KUA for Islamkan.

Upon arrival, the KUA indirect Icok grant wishes, but ask him to finalize the intention of becoming a Muslim. “KUA not refuse my arrival. But they asked me to consider this decision in order to really believe and in the future not to deviate from Islamic teachings. ”

Soon transferred to the District Icok Penjaringan. His move made Icok can no longer interact with friends who brought him to KUA. But that does not make Icok stop studying Islam.

A few months deployed in District Penjaringan Icok’ve got a good friend. He is very enthusiastic to teach the basic stages of worship in Islam to Icok.

“My friend was once a former office boy, he was very interested to teach me how to perform ablution and so on. Icok admitted very helpful. “Although I was a Christian religious status but gradually increased my knowledge of Islam” said the youngest of 10 siblings.

Still early stages of Islam he learned from his good friend, Icok back mutated. This time he was assigned to the District Duren Sawit.

“When the last day I was in the District enjaringan, my friend told like this, ‘Cok, if you had converted to Islam, do not ever you convert again. Because that would be toying with Islam. God does not like it. “Recalls Icok

The message is always remembered and used as a basis Icok in him. A few months witnessed friends Muslim worship in the new job seems to stabilize the heart Icok. Finally he expressed his desire to convert to Islam to seniors in a new place.

The desire is welcome. Icok then taken by his friends to meet Ustad at Sunda Kelapa Mosque. It was right on a Friday in January 2011. “I say two sentences creed witnessed colleagues” recalls Icok

Previous Icok given two choices. The first choice, he was asked to follow the guidance to the new first-Islamic in-Islamkan, so the decision really mature. Sedangka second option is direct in-Islamkan then follow the guidance. Without hesitation Icok decided the second option for him.

Why? “Because I was sure of my decision was” Said Icok. Icok Road became a Muslim not challenged within his extended family. His parents were strong Christians who embrace free Icok choose the path of his life.

“My parents were not disputed, because it’s my decision was taken based on the thinking of adults, and I who run it,” said Icok. Icok Two brothers have also turned out to be a Muslim.

Although parents Icok welcome relief, but the opposite response he got from his wife. Apparently the wife who is also Icok Christians do not agree with the decision of her husband.

“After I became a Muslim, an argument we often, often quarrel at home,” he said. Actually, she admitted that she also wanted to open my wife’s heart to want to embrace Islam, but he sees the effort was quite difficult.

“In Islam it is easy, simply by saying the two sentences creed,” said Icok. But he did not want when isrinya becoming Muslim creed only say two sentences and then not run the command of God. “That’s not true Muslims” he continued

Various attempts were made Icok for his wife’s heart to terketuk. Currently Icok mefokuskan himself to Islam. “I do not want to impose my will, let me present my learned a lot about Islam. For knowledge obtained can I tell my wife. “He said.

Icok claims received injections of a great power when his daughter was only 4 years old showed interest in studying Islam. “Although the wife is not attracted to Islam, at least my children follow me. Thank God my daughter was very interested to learn the Koran, “he said.

Currently Icok busy looking for a place suitable for ages mengaji son. “I want to nurture it with Islamic religious lessons since childhood, so that as adults later in life, he no confusion as to his religion.” Said Icok

He believed that true religion Islam. “In Islam, God is One or single, that is God. Unlike my previous religion that has a ‘God the Father, God the Son and the holy spirit,'” Continue Icok

To strengthen become Muslim, Icok diligently attending religious activities. IAA also had twice to follow the guidance in Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa. He was never left to learn reading prayers every day. Someday, Icok hoping to help broadcast the teachings of Islam to the people around him.