Television shows that anesthetize us today can forget everything, including children kita.Hampir every family has a television and some even more than this satusehingga very influential on our activities including children’s television shows kita.Disatu side can indeed be entertainment or adds insight and knowledge but on the other hand, the learning activities of our children will be very disturbed.

Many children are still glaring television broadcast call to prayer echoed in spite of Maghrib or ‘Isha’. Supported again many television shows during the hours the broadcast interesting events for both parents and children anak.Sehingga to go from the front of the television was very heavy. For our children are more annoying than worship Prayer delayed or not implemented also learned a reduced concentration or even are not used that time to learn at all.

By looking at the above facts if we mengehndaki our children grow up to be pious and blessed child on the parents and have good achievements in school, then turn off the television a minimum of movement between Maghrib till Isyak we need Boost and would be better if the time of Maghrib until morning there was no television dihidupkan.Dengan absence of dihisupkan television Isha Allah then our children will learn to concentrate better in the brain is not affected by adverse events that smells television pornographic or less educational.

For parents any events which affect the subconscious mind because mainstreaming soap operas and the like can be reduced or avoided. Many television shows today that does not educate. Salahsatunya soap opera that features more luxury, family quarrels, infidelity and so on.

Hopefully we will have the power to turn off the television from sunset till morning, that God willing, more or less will berpengaruhpositif on our children.


“Whoever ablution well out of his sins from his body sampaipun from under her nails. “(Narrated by Muslim)