Mosques that dot the Gunungkidul huge numbers musholla.Secara hundreds of mosques and public buildings are mosques and mosque are now pretty good. Just saying the number of mosques has not been balanced by activities that memadahi.Banyak mosque weekly activities for public review has not been performing well especially teenagers who touched the mosque in particular.

Such realities are causing teens Mosque or Islamic youth who have more activity in their environment is sucked towards the other activities and some even dragged them towards the more activities negative.Kegiatan thongkrongan on the roadside in the HP booth while playing or chatting idly to and fro without any arahnya.Efeknya many young Muslims who hear Adhan voiced, in him there is no response at all let alone to come to the nearest mosque.

Athan voices are heard in voice-dominated Gunungkidul more fathers, even fathers who have tua.Ada indeed sound Teens adzanya but very little percentage. Even if the driving environment of the mosque or its characters a bit or just one or two then it could happen and occur, although many have entered the time of Prayer but no call to prayer.

By looking at such a reality for us then there should be efforts to have one or two teenagers who want to wrestle with mosque mosque as salahsatunya peal Athan with the skills we miliki.Hidupkan Education Park activities existing Qur’an, activate Mosque Youth activities and if we already have children or grandchildren get into the habit since childhood led him to the mosque to pray together. By getting the children to do acts of worship in the mosque Insha Allah one or two children will one wants a call to prayer, and especially to his mosque activities in general .

May Allah SWT always member force us to always move the mosque activities both children, adolescents and parents in order to help Allah.Amien religion.

PT Arminareka Perdana