Picture Bridge Kite MBESI Gedangsari

Fig. Verdant rice seen from the road above

Sub Gedangsari which is one of the sub-division in Gunungkidul where most of the area originally come from the district Nglipar Patuk and is now a district that full potential untapped potential of nature tourism in particular.

If we want to Gedangsari district of Yogyakarta, the direction at 30 kilometers or less, more particularly in pitu Sambi we turn left onto the ramp toward NGlipar then arrived at Kalurahan NGalang turn left again down a narrow road winding around it and there is a deep river and sometimes the gulf and mountains.

Here and there are sometimes stretched to plant paddy rice fields are green on the sidelines of a towering mountain districts Gedangsari tinggi.Memasuki location will pass the overpass which is probably the only district in which there is Gunungkidul layangnya.Sebelum overpass bridge is built this location is location, Äúmengerikan, Äúbagi rider who is not used because of steep climbs and winding so that when less then square off until mid-rise can not stop because it’s been made kuat.Alkhamdulillah overpass so that in addition to a wider road also climbs that are not terrible anymore .

After crossing the bridge overpass MBESI then we will pass the winding road that meanders where on the left side is a cliff and towering mountains in the city district tinggi.Sesampai incoming sub Hargomulyo then will we find the city districts that are simple almost like a village environment only.

If we continue north makaakan we get the road uphill until about 2 km more or less flat without roads and without a bend so that when we are not ready from below can stop mid way and was very, very berbahaya.tetapi when we get to the top enter the village Watu elephant then the goodness of God sight in the south will look very beautiful and beyond biasa.Pegunungan the rows with the groove-lekik moor or plants underneath it looks very beautiful.

Until the above who entered the village of Watu Gajah when we turn to the left it will be up to the pass to go to Klaten with decreased sharply along the road that this CLONGOP.Jalan called right and left common besides a very deep ravine with no trees, so sometimes very, Äúmengerikan, Äù but for those who like a challenge then is a challenge to conquer.

Nature is very beautiful and challenging which is a natural tourist capital has not been much explored by the government and private, but when at work on the maximum could be a good tourist sites to OUT Bond and challenging games or game-like game rope, sliding, and cross the bridge with ketrol rope and so forth.

Hopefully someone can develop the potential of a rich district Gedangsari God’s gift of beautiful natural scenery and towering mountains that gallant.


96. If if the population of countries believe and fear Allah, surely We shall bestow on them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them because of his actions. (QS 7. Al-A, paragraph Äôraaf 96)