For nearly 10 years of Fatima Edoh become a Muslim, but he never forgot his journey to find the light of Islam. A tough journey and full of challenges, not only because he was an activist church, but he was also a pastor’s wife.

But Allah has bestowed her Islamic guidance. Not only is he a convert to Islam, Fatimah also makes one of his sisters interested in the religion of Islam, and eventually also say the shahada.

Fatima still remember, April 12, 2001, for the first time he performs ablution. After that say two sentences her creed that signifies the official acceptance of Islam as a religion.

Before embracing Islam, Fatima is the church activist Deeper Life Church in the city of Abuja, capital of Nigeria, a country in western Africa. Fatimah was married to a pastor in his church and was awarded four children.

“Our life is fine. I never had a problem with your husband or are treated badly. We have a harmonious family,” said Fatima about her family life.

He told me, one night in April, he had a dream to hear the sound azan, the call for Muslims to pray. The next day, he spoke of his dream to his friend, an elderly Muslim woman. Her friend said, that his dream was a call for Fatima to become a Muslim. But Fatima denied the words of his friend.

Then, for the second time, Fatima dreamed again hear the sound azan. His dream was to make thoughtful, until he determined to leave his religion and embrace Islam. In April it also say the creed without the knowledge of Fatima’s husband and relatives.

Fatima process became a Muslim, from dream to hear the sound azan until he decided bersyahadat indeed very short. No wonder if his family was shocked and show the attitude of not happy when he heard he had converted to Islam.

“That is bad news for the family, relatives, friends, church congregation and my husband. Even my daughter who works as a nurse, thought that I was crazy, when told about my Islam. He threatened to pack up his belongings and leave from home. He left me, “said Fatima recalled when he first preached become Muslim.

Not only that, Fatima was the victim of “black magic” that made people not like he converted to Islam.

“I was involved in an argument with several members of the congregational church. They said that I had to resort to dangerous because of conversion to Islam. They try to change my decision. When persuasion does not work, they use magic and supernatural powers,” said Fatima.

“All of a sudden I got sick. My stomach swell like a pregnant woman. But, when taken to the hospital, all doctors could not diagnose my illness. Someone told me, this is not a medical issue,” said Fatima.

Fatima then taken to a prominent Muslim, asking for help to release the magic that was sent to her body. Cleric prayed for Fatima and said that he would throw up all night. “It is true, I was vomiting. But in the morning, I feel healthy and strong again. Really, it sebauh amazing experience,” said Fatima.

Fatima church where pilgrims used to be a member, was surprised to see Fatima was healthy and her belly was back to normal. But “terror” of Fatima have not stopped.

“For some time later, the horrible experience happen again. I began to experience frequent nightmares, seeing the figure of those who bleed from his mouth. In tough times it is, my brethren in faith (Muslim) men and women to help me by doing prayers together, and finally I get through ‘terror’ it all, “said Fatima.

Fatima encounter problems after problems. For him, the hardest was when my father-in-law and do not want to admit it anymore. “My family said I was an embarrassment to them because it decided to convert to Islam. They persuaded me to want to re-embraced Christianity, in many ways. They also tried to shake me become Muslim, in the event of 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S.,” said Fatima.

“I’m kind of mad at that. I told them, there is no evidence that the attack was masterminded by reason of his religion Islam. If you know a good Muslim, you will agree with what I say. Muslims are people who love peace, “he said.

Fatima said, in tough times after embracing Islam, he has received a helping hand from fellow Muslims, both material would nonmateril. But Fatima struggle to maintain become Muslim. He grew unhappy when he heard the brother in-law also converted to Islam. Even though people grow cynical him.

“They say that their version I already affecting many people. They also threatened me to be careful. But I replied that I’ve made a lot of people convert to Christianity, before becoming a Muslim. Now I am not a Christian anymore, so why are you so worried about things is it? ” Fatima mimicked his words at the time.

For a time, Fatima was always locked the door of his house at night for fear of being subjected to physical attacks from people who do not like to become Muslim. Eventually, Fatima realized there was nothing to fear. “Heaven is open to those who died in the way of Allah,” he said. (Ln / SP)