dakwatuna.com – Jakarta, Entering 2011, the number of converts who decided to convert to Islam at Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa (MASK) reached 61 people. When In total from the previous year, the number of converts who recorded the Ministry of Construction and Consultancy Service MASK new convert to reach 16,061 people.

“Thank God, during January and February a total of 61 people who decided to embrace Islam,” said Anwar Sujana, Head of Coaching and Consulting Services MASK new convert to Republika.co.id, Sunday (27 / 2).

Anwar said of the 61 people who decided to embrace Islam, 20 percent are expatriates from various countries. Generally, apart from reasons of marriage, they decided to embrace Islam because of frequent direct contact with Islam either through environmental or reading material.

“So far there are many expatriates who decide to say two sentences creed in this mosque. There’s even an intention before deciding to convert to Islam a lot of digging for information on Islam here, “he said.

Anwar also said that factors in coaching and intensive consultations conducted MASK into a separate point for Muslim candidates. Usually, he said, the information is indeed originated from mouth to mouth.

Therefore, the mosque in coaching and consulting to flexible working. They are still non-Muslims are also allowed to come and take part in the mosque. According to him, the way it makes coaching more widespread pattern.

To the front of the mosque, he added, will continue to develop the mission and community development through the presence of MASK new convert who had founded a year ago. He said that through this community, the converts are expected to be able to develop self-management course with the guidance of MASK. It is considered more effective way so that the flow of coaching and development mission will take place on an ongoing basis.

Executive Circle MASK new convert, Steven Indra said Indonesia had become a kind of reference for someone who would decide to embrace Islam. That was proven when it requested an institution in Malaysia to describe the pattern formation and development of new Muslims.

However, he admitted that he still has a lot of homework related to coaching converts to finish. Because the data gathered Circle MASK new convert, convert 16,000, 5,000 of them back to the old religion.

Because it converts construction and development in the long run absolutely must be done. “We do not blame those who return to the original religion. It’s a chore that Muslims circumcise their duties not only just but necessary to do a good follow-through study, education and advocacy. All that, of course require a compact and istiqomah cooperation among Muslims, “he said. (AFP)
source: dakwatuna.com