December 15, 2008 became a historical day for Lucia, the Mexican girl who was born and raised in Mexico City. On that day, Lucia made a big decision in his life, he uttered two sentences creed and became a Muslim.

“That was my first day accept Islam in my life,” said Lucia.

Mexico is a country of unique compared to other countries in South America. The country is a blend of pre-Hispanic cultures, traditions and cultural and religious beliefs with the Spaniards. The population of Mexico more than 100 million people, but the number of Muslims in this country is relatively small, only about 3,000 inhabitants. Catholicism became the majority religion in Mexico

“Although Mexicans are the ones that warm, open and able to accept everyone, but we were a bit embarrassed if it is to talk about religion,” said Lucia.

Lucia said that he first knew Islam through a best friend while undergoing the first years as a student at a university. Friend’s name Navide, from Afghanistan.

“He said, he came to Mexico, attracted by our culture and Spanish language are ‘sexy’. When he started talking about Islam, I must admit, it was like falling in love at first sight. I am impressed with the beautiful simplicity, which taught Islamic … ”

“Unlike Catholicism, Islam does not teach dogma. Islam does not force people to convert to Islam, but Islam gives you the basics of Islam to believe. Islam does not give you ideas that sometimes without meaning to humans. Also, Islam teaches tolerance and compassion to all humankind, regardless of racial background, religion and belief, “said Lucia, expressed his admiration of Islam.

However, when it was still any doubt in his heart. Lucia began to look out for yourself by buying books about Islamic history, Islamic societies, teachings and principles taught by Islam. Apart from books, Lucia also tried to access the internet and find lots of information about Islam in cyberspace.

“I do not know where to start. Navide suggested that I try to get along with the Muslim community. The problem, I also do not know where to meet with Muslim communities in Mexico,” Lucia reveals the difficulty in the beginning he wanted to know Islam further.

Lucia eventually choose social networking to make contacts with the Muslim community. In this way, according to Lucia, quite attractive, but he admitted that he was disappointed that some people find that being unfriendly so know Lucia is not a Muslim.

That experience did not make Lucia’s retreat, he kept looking for information on where to find the Muslim community where he could learn a lot about Islam.

Finally, Lucia finds a Muslim named Sajad who later became his friend. By Sajad who now lives in England, he could spend hours talking about many things, including about Islam.

In a conversation, Sajad make Lucia realize that life is like seeing our reflection in a pond. “First, we only see the reflection of our faces, then we realize that there are many creatures who live inside and outside the pool. There is a wind that blows, no sun is shining … Islam, for I like to get that awareness,” added Lucia .

More and more reading about Islam, Lucia more like the teachings of Islam. “I am also a scientist, with the knowledge I had the opportunity to ponder the meaning of life, and how everything on this earth to work. I had the opportunity to contemplate, analyze and ask yourself about the details of life to the smallest detail, many people who did not find the answer. But once there is an answer, thousands of other questions invade, “said Lucia.

He sees the difference between Catholic doctrine and teachings of Islam. In the Catholic religion, everything seemed suppressed. While Islam, the religion teaches man to seek knowledge and truth. “This doctrine I call, very compatible with my kemusliman lifestyle,” said Lucia.

Hidayah it Finally Come

He admitted never hesitated whether to convert to Islam or not, for fear of the views of her parents and the people around who knew him. Lucia still not sure what their reaction would be like if you know he became a Muslim.

“I have to admit, it’s hard for me to put aside all fear it. My mind was so messed up. I’m sad and confused,” said Lucia.

Amid the anxiety and worries that, Lucia realize that man never knows what will happen tomorrow. Humans sometimes think about tomorrow, though not necessarily the next day came for him. Lucia felt he should change his life.

After pondering it all, the night Lucia contact Sajad and said his desire to convert to Islam. Sajad also say the creed that guides Lucia the next day.

“After that, fear and worry in me missing. And I finally know that fear is what makes me hesitate to reach for what I want,” he said.

A week later, Lucia tries itself to find a mosque that is in Mexico City. He would like to officially creed. Lucia Family shocked to hear what his daughter wanted to do, they decide not to participate Lucia to the mosque. A difficult situation for Lucia because the accused has received something other than Mexican culture.

That day, January 15, 2008, Lucia taste in a small apartment that serves as a mosque. He said there creed and was given an Islamic name, Noor Sabiya.

After officially becoming a Muslim, studied Lucia prayers. He felt peace in his heart after converting to Islam. Moreover, he met a new friend. “But most importantly for me, I finally found where I wanted, where I found it in Islam,” he said. (Ln / MSL)