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Gunungkidul famous for its mountains a thousand limestone containing
various minerals in it does bring in an additional provision for its citizens and also the businessmen from outside Gunungkidul.Pegunungan thousand a circular from the north, east, south and west is rich with content mining, among others:

calcium carbonate that can be applied as the manufacture of ceramic materials, gibsum, a mixture of food laying hens, PVC Compound and others.

In addition there is a stone cross that can be made into cups, plates, tools, pottery, incense, statues and stone mill stone

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With the material content of the limestone is so much to invite the owners of capital to invest in this mining area.

So bermunculanlah places limestone mining and processing as well as penggilingannya.

The advantage of this business that you can enjoy the surrounding community is the availability of new jobs that directly or indirectly will improve the livelihoods of communities sekitar.Tetapi kerugiaan or negative effects of white stone quarry excavation of this is that many former mining site has been corrupted, like a huge puddle thus reducing the safety of surrounding people, or if pools are located alongside the highway would enhance the occurrence of accidents to road users such as slipping in kubangan.Selain that environmental damage caused by mining can also be seen at the mine site locations due to lack of love for miners to post-mining reclamation, as a result plants can not grow above it will automatically destroy the existing ecosystem.

Seeing this sort of condition it is necessary positive steps so that ecosystems and natural resources that exist in Gunungkidul be preserved and can still be enjoyed by children and grandchildren kita.Masyarakat, employers and governments can coordinate with each other for natural stone mining is not bringing the effects are too severe.


Indeed Ruhul Qudus (angel Gabriel) whispered to me that the soul does not die before the complete and perfect sustenance. Therefore be ye pious to God and improve pencaharianmu eye. If the late arrival of food, do not you hunt with adulterous path to God because of what is on the side of God can only be achieved by obedience to Him. (Narrated by Abu Zar and Al Hakim)
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