Fig. Mouth Cave viewed from within

One of the Creation of Allah SWT object Tourism in Goa Rancang  Gunungkidul is located in Menggoran hamlets, villages Bleberankecamatan Playen Gunungkidul.Dari Wonosari direction toward the capital city of Yogyakarta is about 40 km.Rute Gunungkidul trip from Yogyakarta to Wonosari, Arriving at the Air Field Ivory Playen turn Right to the district and then headed toward Playen Paliyan district, about 300 meters there is the T-junction turn right towards village village Bleberan.Dari Bleberan Arriving at the fork in the hamlet Kepek Banyusoco turn right past the paved road that has been lightly damaged about 2 miles into the hamlet Menggoran Bleberan.

The beautiful landscape with eucalyptus plants and background of the mountains a thousand on the west and north to add pleasure that we can see ahead to a location in the cave design.

The entrance to the site about 1.5 km Goa Rancang  is still a white stone path that has not been paved, so the need for caution motorcyclists and car especially in the rainy season because licin.Di entrance about two hundred meters from the cave there are signposts and counter restribusi are not yet operating.

Fig. Hole cave with stalactite and stalagmites
Kiosk small traders around Goa and the secretariat building with palm shoots ditemboknya emblem was before entering the cave west goa.Disebelah available small bias field is used for activities or ceremonies when making camp in the vicinity of the cave Goa Rancang.Di available land that can be used to shelter as well as camping although there are rocks surrounding nature but if well laid out exactly become artistic.

In addition to the west of the small rooms available that can be used visitors or campers for small and large bowel.

Entering the Cave Design we have to go down the stone stairs and immediately we will find a large tree that towered up to the outside goa.Didalamnya filled with walls of the cave with stalactite and a indah.Ada satalagnit flat land area of approximately 2 times a badminton court can be used to break or carry out activities to be implemented.

Viewing sites around Goa design, then this location could be developed into a campsite and natural attractions for the people of Gunung especially educational institutions but did not rule out tours from luar Gunungkidulpun be drawn to this location is within the framework of science research needs to support it with local pengetahuan.Pemerintah road asphalt at least up in Goa given the current location of these roads are in poor condition.

Maintenance of buildings that now need the support of all parties for a minimum of an existing building can be used appropriately and to support the development of Goa Rancang.Semoga all parties can mutually salng competent hand in hand to take care of him so that it can be an asset Gunungkidul region.

Similarly, one glimpse of Goa Goa Rancang  creation of Allah Almighty that we can enjoy and we care as a form of gratitude to Allah SWT.


“My people will look at the last day with shining faces, hands and legs glistening from traces of ablution.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)
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