Diana Beatty first met with a Muslim while attending college. After that he knew some Muslims again who slowly made her realize just how far he was being arrogant towards Islam and Muslims.

Beatty heard a lot of information about Islam and Muslims, but most of which he heard were bad things. After interacting with some Muslims whom he met, there is great curiosity in him to better understand Islam, because Muslim people he met showed the attitude and behavior that makes it awe, far different from what he heard so far. Beatty also interested in the sincerity and the aspects that made the Muslims worship, especially prayer.

“Religion that guide us in all aspects of life, is something I was looking for. I was raised as a Christian and when I know some Muslims, I am a fairly religious person and seriously study the Bible,” the story of Beatty.

“But a lot of my questions about the Bible that are not answered, and I actually found the answer in the Qur’an. At first, I do not like to read the contents of the Qur’an because the Qur’an mentions that Jesus was not son of God and the Qur’an mentions the war makes me think back on what I hear about Muslim terrorists and the violence … ”

“But the people of Islam that I know, be an example for me as what is actually a Muslim and I saw that the stereotype that is built up in my eyes during this about Muslims, not in accordance with the facts I see,” said Beatty.

The U.S. women from Colorado thinks, how he could know that the Bible is true and the Koran is wrong, if he did not learn it. “Especially when many things in common between the two, the Bible and the Quran seem to come from the same source,” added Beatty.

The more in studying the Koran, Betty finds the difference with the Bible. In the Bible he found many errors and contradictions, but not in the Quran. He said, “What the Quran says about God and what is the purpose of human life in the world, make me more logical and easier to understand.”

Beatty months to do a comparison between Christianity dianutnya with Islamic religion which is being studied. And that time is a difficult period for him. But Beatty won the heart of Islam. He is increasingly convinced that Islam is a religion that is true, sent by God to mankind.

“I also decided to convert to Islam. At the time I’m still not sure about many things, especially about the veil. I also do not know how to perform prayers and other religious services. But I began to learn,” said Beatty.

He did not deny that in his heart no fear when it decided to become a Muslim. Hard for him to imagine will be dealing with family and doing something they hate and they do not understand. Had occurred to his heart, what if he made the wrong decision? Beatty worried about the negative response he would receive from his friends, colleagues, superiors in the office and he was expelled from his family worried.

Beatty family does not like to see Beatty became a Muslim, but still accepted by the Beatty family. “Every time I talked to mom, she complained about Moslem clothes that I wear, it seems very bothered more than anything and he would thrust a variety of Christian literature to me,” said Beatty.

Beatty recalled, her mother was hurt and cried a whole week when Beatty decided to wear hijab. In the letter, the mother said that what was done Beatty is a hard slap on his face, Beatty deemed to have violated the upbringing their parents and are trying to be an Arab. Family Beatty also pointed out that Beatty did it because of Beatty’s husband is a Muslim. Family Beatty Beatty did not like it and ask for a divorce.

“My family told me, I’ll go to hell. To me, it is not difficult to avoid the foods that are not kosher, abstain from alcohol. It is not difficult for me to learn to pray and wear a headscarf. The only thing that is hard for me to hurt my family and constantly pressured by them, “added Beatty.

At this point Beatty feel, a serious challenge after he became a Muslim is his own family, for friends and people he knew, it could accept his choice to be Muslim.

Three years have embraced Islam Beatty. He acknowledged that Islam gives a lot of changes and improve quality of life. “Islam completely changed me. Now, I have no doubt of the purpose of my life in this world and that I’ve followed the right path. Before, I did not even realize that I’m losing direction. But when I found Islam and reflect back, very clear to me that Islam was the one who I was looking for, “said Beatty.

Beatty thankful to be a Muslim because Islam memualiakan his life as a woman. He saw himself that Muslim men of good will treat women well. One thing he rarely encountered in American culture, where he grew up.

“Choosing to convert to Islam, for me, like returning home after traveling for so long,” said Beatty who now uses the Islamic name Masuuma Amatullah. (Ln / ISC)

SOURCE: eramuslim.com

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