Aisha Bhutta, also known as Debbie Rogers, sitting quietly on the couch in the front room tenement in Cowcaddens, Glasgow, Scotland. The walls of his house hung with quotations from the Koran verse, a special clock to remind family prayer times and posters of the Holy City of Mecca.

Aisha’s blue eyes filled with joy, she smiled with a light of faith he has. Her face is a strong Scottish girl’s face – he still has a good-humored – even though her face still covered with a headscarf.

For a good Christian girl to convert to Islam and married a Muslim is something quite extraordinary. But more than that, he also has to convert the parents, most of the rest of his family and at least 30 friends and neighbors. Subhanallah.

His family was strongly Christian hard where they regularly attended Salvation Army meetings. When all the other teenagers in the UK kissed poster George Michael to say good night, Debbie Rogers, aka Aisha had a picture of Jesus on the wall of his room. But he found that Christianity was not enough, there are too many unanswered questions and she felt dissatisfied with the lack of structure to his belief that discipline. “There’s still that makes me hesitate to obey than just doing prayers when I felt like it.”

Aisha had first seen her future husband, Mohammad Bhutta, when she was aged 10 years and is a regular customer at the store, run by his family. She often saw him furtively, when to pray. “There is satisfaction and peace in what he did. He said he was a Muslim. I said: What is a Muslim?

Then with the help of Mohammad Bhutta she began looking deeper into Islam. At the age of 17 years, he has read the entire Koran in Arabic. “All that I read”, he said, “Everything is acceptable.”

He made the decision to convert to Islam at the age of 16 years. “When I shahadah, it feels like a big burden I had been thrown. I feel like a newborn baby.”

Sign in Islam itself does not necessarily Muhammad Bhutta parents agree to marry them.

However, Muhammad’s parents opposed their marriage. They see themselves as a Western woman who would lead their eldest son astray and give the family a bad name, the father of Muhammad believe, her “biggest enemy.”

However, the couple remained married at the local mosque. Aisha wore clothes sewn by his mother and his brother Muhammad who sneak into the ceremony of marriage against the will of his father, who refused to attend.

Grandma Muhammad was the one who paved the way for a marriage bond. His grandmother arrived from Pakistan where mixed-race marriages even very taboo, and insisted to meet Aisha. He was so impressed by the fact that Aisha had learned the Koran and Punjabi language and he was sure, slowly, Aisha will be one family member.

Aisha parents, Michael and Marjory Rogers, though did not attend the wedding, more concerned with the clothes their daughter who is now wearing (traditional shalwaar kameez) and what their neighbors think. Six years later, Aisha started a mission to convert them and the whole family, and her sister. “My husband and I preached Islam to his mom and my dad, tell them about Islam and they saw changes in me since embracing Islam.

Her mother soon followed in his footsteps. Marjory Rogers changed his name to Sumayyah and became a devout Muslim. She wore a headscarf and praying on time and nothing important to him, except the relationship with God.

Aisha’s father proved more difficult to be invited to Islam, so he asked the help of his mother who had just converted to Islam (who had died of cancer).

“My mother and I then spoke to my father about Islam and we sat on the sofa in the kitchen in one day and her father said:” What words do you say when you become a Muslim? Me and my mom just surprised. “Three years later, the brother of Aisha say the shahada on the phone – then the wife and children followed, followed by the son of her sister.

This does not stop there. His family had converted to Islam, Aisha turned her attention to Cowcaddens citizens. Every Monday during the last 13 years, Aisha has held classes Islam for Scottish women. So far he has helped people convert to Islam more than 30 people. The women yag converted to Islam in his hand came from backgrounds different. Trudy, a lecturer at Glasgow University and a former Catholic, attended Aisha class it was originally a purely because he was assigned to do research.

But after six months of classroom lessons that Aishah Islam made him decide to convert to Islam, and decided that Christianity was filled with “logical inconsistencies”.

“I know he began to be affected by my talks”, Aisha says.

Her husband, Mohammad Bhutta, seems not so driven to convert the youth of Scotland to an advanced Muslim brothers. He sometimes helped in the family restaurant, but its main purpose in life is to ensure five children grow up as good Muslims yag.

Eldest daughter, Safia, nearly 14 years, also following in the footsteps of Islam preached his mother. refused to recruit her place. One day Safia met a woman on the street and help carry groceries, she then attended classes and Ayesha now become a Muslim.

“I can honestly say I never regret it”, Aisha says enter Islam itself. “Every marriage has ups and downs and sometimes you need something to pull you out of any trouble. But the Prophet Muhammad said:” Every difficulty there is relief. “So, when you are going through a difficult stage, you work for that convenience will come .

Muhammad’s husband is more romantic: “I feel we’ve known each other for centuries and as if it had never become part of another. According to Islam, you are not just partners for life, you can become partners in heaven as well, in perpetuity. It’s a beautiful thing, you know it. “(Fq / islwe
PT Arminareka Perdana