Kisah Isa & Al Quran Menjadi Jembatan Abdulhadi Menuju Islam


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Abdulhadi, 23, grew up in Catholic teachings. Her parents bloody Poland, a country where, according to penuturannya, Catholicism is the main religion and its teachings into practice daily lives of its citizens.

“I was taught to pray as a child and was baptized in the church,” he said. “It was very pleasant,” I Abdulhadi.

But when he adolescence, she felt religion no longer mattered. “Zero, I also doubt all existence,” says Abdulhadi.

He was restless. Many questions arise in his mind, such as where he came from and why he is alive. “But I did not find an answer.” he said.

When searching, he admitted that he had experienced difficult conditions analogy as a hard slap. “Three to four times I was slapped and that was very painful,” he said without wanting to tell the detailed story of the difficulty.

When increasingly agitated he met a friend. His friend Bergama Islam. “He did not say anything to me, just invited me to stay away from evil,” he said.

Invitation, he looked reasonable. At the start of regular life he calmed down, when it is also the Abdulhadi remember God again.

During this time he always kept a gospel on a bookshelf. Knowing that Muslim friends had said, “If you’ve got the gospel should you have the Koran as well.”

Bothered by saying that Abdulhadi was compelled to learn the gospel that he has. “Frankly I said to myself that if I should investigate and study the number first, my religion,” he said.

When he finished reading the gospel he began comparing the book with the Qur’an. In the process he found Jesus as a bridge, because it turns out Jesus was called the Islamic holy book, as Isa.

“That’s what encouraged me to know more,” he said. Abdulhadi began to read every sentence in the Qur’an.

While reading he was surprised and amazed. “This book is amazing I really did not find any doubts about the one sentence in it,” he said.

“When we read other books, philosophy, I still find there is something dubious, but not in the Qur’an” says Abdulhadi. “This is the book of truth.”

When the thought arose that he had to whisper hope into the mind wants to be a Muslim. “It was because of reading the Qur’an there is no other major cause, but my heart is so strong desire to embrace Islam.”

Abdulhadi embraced Islam in 2005. He claimed to have undergone Ramadhannya a to-7.

“I think everyone should really learn their religion,” he said. Abdulhadi Speech refers to other Muslim friends that he met many that were not implementing the teachings and worship according to religious orders.

“It reminds me when adolescents first. As Catholics worship I was not rare.” he said.

Abdulhadi look at every person in essence have the same kecenderunga soul, whether he embraced Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity. “They must have a basic question, why we were created in the earth,” says Abdulhadi.

“The recipe is simple, look and start from the belief that we embrace. In the end, our behavior will change, ‘he said.

He also stressed for those who try to find answers in life so as not to shut themselves from the study of other beliefs.

“As I have done. Anyone who seek will surely find the answer. Later we will be led to discover that Islam is a religion that can answer all questions.” he said confidently.

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