“My family is embracing Catholics and some Protestants embrace. Unlike children in other families, parents is they who give the idea of religion as something which they must obey without searching,” said Gomez started the story found Islam.

“The journey toward God is a beautiful way that God gave the prophets and revealed to us, humankind. Road prophets that our path, the path that I follow,” he continued.

The story begins with Walter Gomez from his birthplace in El Salvador, a country known for its natural beauty in the tropical regions of Central America. Men born in 1975 is derived from a simple family. His father was a farmer and his income is only just enough to eat everyday.

Poverty makes Gomez’s father decided to go to the U.S. in 1978 to earn a living. If money was raised, his father returned to El Salvador and then back again to the U.S.. That lasted for four years. When his father was in the U.S., Gomez stayed with her grandmother who are Protestants, who often read the Bible at Gomez. In Gomez’s grandmother’s house also often see the pictures of the Bible.

Gomez recalled, he was often asked, “Are there people who wear clothes like the picture on the Bible. They wore long dresses, turbaned and bearded” and people would say “no, people like that only exist in the past.”

“I am very impressed at (the Prophet), Noah, Moses, Abraham and Jesus in particular. At that time, I’d love to meet with people like Jesus. The way he talked, as I read in the Bible, the way she dressed and the beautiful beard, he looks mysterious and very wise. I’ve never seen people like that in my family, although they are very religious or the figure anyone who adheres to Catholic and Protestant religions in the present, “said Gomez.

In 1984, Gomez’s mother received a letter from her husband, who asked him to come to America and brought with Gomez. Gomez felt sad and devastated when her mother gave her the news. Gomez felt El Salvador is a heaven and she did not want to leave his homeland.

“I cry almost every day. I’m leaving my mother alone with a snicker, but the mother did not want to hear my words,” said Gomez.

Finally, in August, Gomez and his mother leave El Salvador. A tough trip to Gomez’s mother because she had to part with two daughters. Two sisters Gomez deposited into their aunt in San Salvador.

The period of the Gloomy Teenagers

In the U.S., live in Washington D. C. Gomez After a long stay in the U.S., Gomez found that American society tends to throw away the matter of religion, religion is considered a private affair and had no effect in life.

“I do not feel God’s love as I felt in El Salvador. But I still try to maintain the presence of God in my heart. Most of my desire for God in this life, slowly disappearing in the U.S.. Since the second grade junior high school, I schools in public schools. I began to feel thirsty to religion when in high school, “the story of Gomez.

The first year in high school around 1990, is a pleasant periods for Gomez. A cousin named Ana, Gomez reminded to be careful in the mix, especially the senior students face the often disturbing new students. Gomez was experiencing hard times, dikerjai seniors. But he still was happy to enjoy his teenage years.

That’s when Gomez began visiting nightclubs, drinking, using drugs and of course getting to know women. Gomez is often involved in fights among teenagers. She even almost hit by gunfire when a fight with another teenager in a subway station. Gomez trapped in a teenage gang life in big cities, which tend to be loud and criminal. Nightclubs, alcohol, fights between gangs, women and drugs, become part of Gomez’s life. Quite often in a fight, he saw how his friends were injured by knife or hit by gunfire.

However, Gomez admitted that his conviction remained on religion, especially Protestant religion which he knew from his grandmother. Gomez felt his life was a mess and want to return to the teachings of his religion. He is still taking the time to pray, memohoh clues to God.

“But I do not want to be a very religious person, because I know my family will mengolo fun of me. All this time they saw me as someone who had no interest in life,” says Gomez.

He then told a friend, a Muslim, who began to “talk” about ideas and beliefs. But for Gomez, who adopted his Islamic beliefs it was strange. “He believes that the Nation of Islam is true Islam. I saw, she was still confused about what true Islam is. In my opinion, the true Islam is not racist, like the Nation of Islam,” said Gomez mentions a name of an Islamic movement in the U.S. .

“I then told my friend that I love the Protestants grew, and I ask he does not bother me anymore. I told him that Jesus was my teacher, not a black man named Elijah Muhammad or Farrakhan,” he continued. Two names were called Gomez figures of the Nation of Islam.

Gomez revealed that his friend was still forced to get to know Islam and asked him to read the Koran. Gomez fulfill that request and was surprised to know that the Prophets such as Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham and other prophets he knew in the Bible are also told in the Quran. Her friend also said that he believes in Jesus as a prophet of God, not the son of God or God himself. Surprisingly, immediately Gomez said that he believed the same thing.

“I explained to him about my beliefs about Jesus and God, even though I am a Protestant and went to church. I am still somewhat confused, but I feel happy to have religion in common with my beliefs about Jesus and God,” said Gomez.

From A University Cafeteria

In 1995, a year after graduating from high school, Gomez worked at the cafeteria of a university in Washington DC One day, came a group of students from the Middle East to the canteen, and he was touched to see how they are scrambling to pay for the food they buy. Gomez then asked one student, why the Middle Eastern people are so generous to each other. The student replied, “We are indebted to Islam, because Islam teaches us to be kind and generous to his fellow men. Indeed, not everyone does it, but the Islamic attitude deeply embedded in our hearts.”

“My heart sank to hear it,” says Gomez. He then told the students earlier that he was also studying Islam, but for political gain and now do not learn it anymore because they do not know where he can get more information about Islam.

The student was then looked at Gomez with enthusiasm and said that he had a friend, a new American Muslim who converted to Islam six months ago.

The next day, a white man came to visit Gomez. He was wearing a shirt like that Gomez is seen in the pictures in the Bible. “Like the figure of Jesus,” thought Gomez who directly felt the peace in his heart when he saw the man.

“He asked about my news, my family and my work. He did not mention religion. I am very pleased and asked him to come more often if there is no time, and teach me,” said Gomez.

Two months later, many Muslims who visit Gomez. They brought books, pamphlets or just take a walk. At that time, Gomez began to feel guilty if you drink liquor.

One night, Gomez came to a party and completely drunk. He is also almost a fight at the party. One of his friends to save him and remind Gomez of Islam that is being studied. Gomes then asked that he brought home.

The next day, Gomez woke up at around 09:00 am and was disgusted to remember he got drunk last night. Suddenly the phone rang. “The call, my friend at the university. I immediately asked him to fetch me and took me to the mosque,” said Gomez.

When his friend arrived, Gomez feels like there is light shining on his house. Gomez and his best friend and went to Dar Al-Hijra Mosque located in northern Virginia, about 10 minutes away by car from where Gomez lives.

“At about 10.00 am, a man came. With calm and without the impression of force, he asked if I believe God is one, I answered ‘yes’. He asked again, whether I believe that Jesus is the prophet and the son of Marya, I replied ‘yes’. Then, I asked if I believe that Muhammad is God’s final prophet. I hesitate to answer ‘yes’, “Gomez told his experience at Masjid Dar Al-Hijra.

Amid doubts about the Prophet Muhammad’s answer was, Gomez said to myself, “If I believe in the teachings of Islam, I am sure people are stupid because they do not accept people who brought the religion for mankind.” When it is, with determination Gomez told the man at the mosque that he was ready to become a Muslim. He was asked Gomez to repeat his words, and then he demanded utter two sentences Gomez creed, “Ashadu anla ilaha ilallah ashadu Wa ana Muhammadan Rasululah.”

“At this point, I could feel the love and sweetness of heaven, feeling the presence of God, when my heart feels sick and wounded. I feel my new life is clear and bright. I am prepared to undergo further travel in this world, the way to heaven,” Gomez said that now known as Walter “Abdul Wali” Gomez.

He expressed his gratitude for being part of Muslims worldwide. Gratitude was as if he never quite pronounce, after Allah gave him the opportunity to visit the Sacred House in Mecca in 1997 in the course of Umrah. (Ln / IST)
source: eramuslim.com
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