Di Depan Akademisi Cambridge, Mantan Pastor Itu Berkisah Kenapa Pilih Islam

Idris Tawfiq

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, “I did not find Islam, Islam found me,” said Idris Tawfiq. He spoke in front of a large family of academics and a top British university, Cambridge. In college it was dihajat Experience Islam Week, an annual event, the event for the introduction of Islam and tolerance.

He admitted, there is no problem with his past. “I love my job and my past, but my heart like a guided choose Islam,” he said. “After becoming a Muslim, I find the peace that I never found before.”

According to him, his decision to choose Islam is the biggest decision of his life. He is still performing the service, when his heart spoke then another. Until one day, the courage to declare behenti arise and withdraw. “I felt alone after that,” he said.

The first time, he declared cease to be a priest. However, he still holds kayakinan length, while continuing to study Islam. “I do not intend to change my faith was not part of my plan at all,” he said.

He stated, lived and grew up in England for 40 years, he had a view of stereotypes about Muslims. But while on holiday in Egypt, he met and made friends with many Muslims, and said that he began to realize the perception of the Islamic faith. “My old beliefs slowly faded, and Islam became more caught my attention,” he said.

According to him, Islam is actually very beautiful. “Not true Islam teaches violence.” If you dive into the teachings of Islam, you will find this religion is really very beautiful, very gentle, and sweet, “he said.

He suggested that one thing for those who were studying Islam. “Before you are making a decision, take a deep breath and listen to what Islam says. Then, penahi your mindset,” he said.

Currently, Tawfiq decided to stay in Egypt. He admitted to not giddy with the political changes in the country. “One thing that Islam is taught, never surprised by anything that comes into our lives. In Egypt, all proven. Who would expect in just three weeks tyrant 30 years in power can be uprooted,” he said.
source: republika.co.id
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