The mothers are also actively assist in the location of tripe rice

Mutual cooperation (splice) tripe Rice is one of the social activities in villages in Wareng Wonosari Gunungkidu.Bila season rice tripe they will take turns to clear the rice from the moor and then transport it to the house and at night fallen by threshing machine.

Departing from the house in the village to the site already diampiri Singkar cars which will transport the rice yield in rice fields or tegalan.Dengan membawabekal tea kettle full of water drinks, pacitan like fried bananas or a misbegotten and food supplies of rice, vegetable chili, jambalan spinach, tofu and tempeh fries and fried chicken all transported to the site.

Arriving at the location of a short break while drinking tea and Pacitan misbegotten and fried bananas, because the house has not had time to sarapan.Setelah some rest for a while then each took up a sickle to cut the rice and then directly tied to the binding of the bamboo that had been prepared from home.

Fig. Swipe Rice that has been tied up and ready to take home with open car cup

Around ten-thirty every lunch break while enjoying lunch from rumah.Piring and banana leaves are prepared to base makan.Nasi personal circulated to each participating mutual aid and then take the fried chicken or fried tofu in vegetable added green chilies and spinach leaves jambalan .

It felt very good despite the sun and drops of sweat mixed because kepanasan.Sambil chat about life, enjoy lunch in the area can moor mnghilangkan really tired when we have everyday at school students dealing with various characters in variety.

Finish lunch some fathers begin to move back and forth to the nearby paddy fields for future road when it is collected is transported by car open cup.

Fig. Rest enjoy white rice, vegetables, green chilies, spinach leaves jambalan and fried tempeh

If considered to have just one car then the owner of the rice will call for fast car owners can take to take home, if not then it might rain and Damen and less rice could well have come terjadi.Bila car then all fathers would raise troop into the car and then brought him home for the night in rontokkan use rice thresher machine fueled aka fried rice and bananas which was encouraged by the human machine.

One of mutual cooperation alkhamdulillah social activities can mengkarabkan community members, event relationship and help each other as well as refreshing for fathers who work outside the farm.


96. If if the population of countries believe and fear Allah, surely We shall bestow on them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them because of his actions. (QS 7. Al-A’raaf paragraph 96)
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