Bagi Donald Rockwell 'Beriman dan Ikatlah Untamu' Bukan Keyakinan Buta

Colonel Donald Rockwell

Colonel Donald S. Rockwell was born in Illinois, United States. He completed his studies d University of Washington and Columbia where he received many honorary degrees. He was a poet, literary criticism as well as editorial director at Radio Personalities.

He gained the rank of colonel while participating conscription during World War II, when the U.S. against Germany and Japan. As a writer he wrote the book, one of the famous book “Beyond the Brim and Bazaar of Dreams.

In his book that he wrote down his views on Islam and why he ultimately chose to embrace Islam. Here nukilannya ever published by Islamic Review in 1935.

Equality in Islam always attracted Donald. The rich and the poor have an equal right on the floor of the mosque, kneel in humble worship. “There is no bench for lease or not there is a special chair that can be booked in advance,”

Simplicity in Islam, strong attraction and an enchanting atmosphere of the mosques, the seriousness of loyal followers, as well as assure that inspired the embodiment of millions of adherents in the world who answered the call five times a day to perform prayer – all these factors attracted the first time Donald .

But after he decided to become Muslim, he found much more profound reason that increasingly strengthen that decision. Concept of life full of tenderness – wise advice, a charity to promote compassion, humanity is broad and pioneer of women’s rights declaration – are other factors of this teaching – so impressions Donald against Islamic teachings, he looked incredible.

Similarly, when he heard the hadith which tells the story of a man of Mecca with the Prophet Mohammed which reads “Faith and trust in God and tie untamu”. For Donald it is the most obvious short proof of a religious practice that is shown right in the words of Prophet Muhammad did not direct.

From there the story was Donald rate system to be normal in the faith, not blind faith under the protection of an invisible force. But on the other hand he believes that if humans do all the right and best according to his ability, then one believes deserve better fate as the will of God.

In addition to these factors he is also impressed by the broad-minded tolerance of Islam to other religions. Apostle Muhammad, wrote Donald, will admonish followers of the Book who do not treat it well, because of Abraham, Moses and Jesus also recognized as a prophet of the One God. Sure, write Donald, was a very generous attitude towards other religions.

One is also underlined by Donald is religious practice and worship of idols and kemusrikan free. Donald looked at it is the main core of healthful strength and purity of the faith of a Muslim.

Not only that, Donald was also impressed with the purity of the teachings of the Prophet which are not co-opted in the change or addition to the doctrine even though much time has been adrift since Islam was first taught the Apostle. Holy Qur’an remain as the first since she revealed. The book, said Donald, in fact polytheists present to fix the corrupt people in the era of Prophet Muhammad. As the heart of Islam itself, the Qur’an has not changed.

Simplicity and moderation in all things as a key element in Islam is recognized Donald has won approval in itself is unqualified. What also makes it the more amazed, Islam also touched daily. He witnessed how Muslims are healthy because emulate the attitude of the Apostle, that live in cleanliness and fasting to suppress carnal lust.

When Donald was standing in front of the mosques in Istanbul, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Algiers, Tangier, Fez and other cities, he found other things that touch the consciousness. Potential powerful simplicity of Islam was born on things higher. Donald realized there was no excessive ornament, intricate carvings, the figure of living things, images and ritual ceremonies in houses of worship are.

Mosque, writes Donald, is a place of quiet contemplation and a place to do the elimination themselves into the larger reality of the One the One God.

He also likes the concept in which Muslims do not have an intermediary between himself and his God. He went straight to the source of the invisible, the creator of life itself, God, without any reliance on the formula of confession and belief that there is a power of a teacher or holy man as a savior.

Last but not least is the amazing brotherhood in Islam. Regardless of skin color, political affiliation, race and country, Donald was always found a home at any time in life when contact with Muslims and Islam. That’s also one of the factors that encourage Donald to embrace these beliefs.
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