While still a child, when a stroll on the beach, Dr. Jeffrey Lang had asked her father about the existence of heaven. The question of children who have a high curiosity and could be a sign that one day, Lang will be a figure who see things in a way to think logically and rationally.

The signs were evident, when Lang adults eventually become a professor of mathematics, subjects that do not give a place for anything, except logic.

He completed his high school in particular Catholic school boys, Notre Dame Boys High. Since in high school was, Lang already has objected to the trust is “the Almighty”. Pastors, parents and classmates failed to convince Lang about the existence of God. Finally, at the age of 18, Lang chose to become an atheist and it lasted until 10 years until Lang completed his doctoral studies.

But between those times, He never got a strange dream. In his dream, he saw a small room with no furniture in it. The walls of the room was grayish in color. The floor was covered with carpet with red and white domination of citizens. At the top there is a small window. From the window that is light in and light the room.

“There is a line of people in it, and I am in the third row. All men, no women. We all sat down with the heel of the foot position toward the back, facing toward the window. It’s weird. I do not know anyone,” Lang’s story about his dream.

In the dream Lang thinks that he might exist in other countries. Then he and the people in the room berbungkuk together with the position of her face to the floor. “The atmosphere is very quiet and solemn, not the least audible sounds. All of a sudden we were sitting back on heels. As I look ahead, there is someone in front who led us, he is in the middle, just below the window. He stand alone, I can only see a little back. The man was wearing a long white dress and her head wrapped with a red-patterned white shawl. And that’s when I woke from the dream … ” said Lang.

He several times saw a picture in his dreams for 10 years as an atheist. But as that put forward a logical and rational way of thinking, Lang did not feel disturbed by the dream even though he felt a strange comfort that is felt every time I woke up after the dream. Lang did not understand what she feels it, he was unable to enter it reasonable to think that his dream and therefore indifferent Lang despite having experienced the event repeatedly.

One day, when giving his first lecture at the University of San Francisco, Lang met a Muslim student in her math class. Lang then friendly with Muslim students and their families. But when discussing with the family, they never mention the subject of religion. Until some time later, one family member gave him the Quran.

Although Lang did not ever intend to find out about religion, he started reading the Koran, although with great prejudice. Reading Al-Quran, making Lang felt was in an interesting battle. Lang tried to argue and question what they read in Al-Qurang, but he soon discovered the answer while continuing to read pages per page of Al-Quran, to declare his little heart can accept what is written in the Koran.

“The Quran is always one step ahead of what I think, remove the barrier which is built from many years ago and gave answers to my questions,” says Lang.

At that time the early ’80s and the number of Muslims at the University of San Francisco is not much. On campus, Lang saw some Muslim students perform the prayers in a small room, in the basement of a church building. After the “war” in his mind, Lang finally ventured to visit the small mosque. And several hours later, after Lang’s exit from the room, he had become a Muslim because that same day Lang decides to bersyahadat.

After bersyahadat, accidental entry dzuhur prayers and Lang invited to pray together. He also stood in rows, along with other students and that a priest that day named Ghassan.

That’s the way Dr. Jeffrey Lang Islam towards the light. From someone who does not believe in God, became man who has a strong belief in the existence of God. He still remembers his father saying “God will make you kneel, Jeffrey”, when Lang was 18 years and deny the existence of God. His father’s words come true. Now Lang kneeling and bowing in the embrace of Islam.

He felt God’s love by led him to Islam. “I feel that God is always nearby, providing direction in my life,” said Lang. (Ln / oi)
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