Many people benefit from the presence of search sites like aka Search Engine not a few people are harmed by the search sites, such as experience stray into porn sites.

God willing, we currently do not be too anxious and distressed because recently been born a site called (MWSE), the search engine on matters relating to Muslims.

The launch was marked by the signing of technical assistance approved by the Executive Chairman of MWSE, Datuk Mustapha Ya’kub and Managing Director of AsiaEP, Dr. Tan Bernasd 6th event EconomicForum Islamic Word (Wife) 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Related information and Muslim sources, MWSE managed to collect 30 million pages, indexed since the launch in March 2010.Rencananya MWSE will be marketed in 37 countries in 2012.

Mustapha said the ministry would introduce the Islamic search site is the 57th Muslim state within two years.

Recently, also has collaborated with the All-Indonesia Association of Islamic Banking (ASBISINDO) and Muhammadiyah.

With a cash injection of 26 million USD, may be a site of Muslimdi search for the entire world. (source: Voice Hidayatullah)


“At the close of a servant to Robbnya is when he prostrated himself then perbanyaklah prayer (while kneeling)” (Narrated by Muslim)
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