Bocah 13 Tahun Asal Bandung Temukan Software Antivirus Baru

Artav Antivirus

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG – brothers, Arival (13) and Taufik Aditya Utama (15) from Bandung District Bojongsoang find antivirus later named “Artav” (Arival Taufik Anti-Virus). “Anti-virus we found out of necessity, my computer got a virus so often I try to find the antivirus and succeed,” said Arival in Bandung, on Thursday.

Arival an 8th grade student Nageri SMP 24 Bandung, while his brother is a student in grade 1 SMA Negeri 25 Bandung.

AntiVirut Artav itself was discovered by brothers around April 2010, and until now has been widely used by computer users. He himself did his first socialization to his friends for the program protects the game.

“At first I sell prorgam Artav to friends for Rp5.000. They were happy to ward off the virus,” said Arival.
He admitted, he made the program, while the designs created by her brother, Taufik. The discovery of antiviral itself recognized by it is no accident but the result of his hard work during the work especial computer.

Student great discovery was finally greeted by mobile operator company XL Axiata to later facilitate the registration of patents to the findings of the two students from Bandung’s computer whiz.

“I will make antivirus for mobile programs. Artav the future will be developed for paid services and free (free),” said an admirer Arival owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

He claimed to love karua antivirusnya will be facilitated to get a patent. So that it encourages to continue to develop other anti-virus, including programs that benefit others.

Uniquely, the two boy geniuses did not have the background knowledge of IT from his family. Her father is a retired employee at the electronics company. Best of the two sisters is more complete antivirus Artav it at internet cafes or cafe.

“I like computers and the internet, so know exactly related viruses, Arival also the same, so we often work together and complement each other,” Taufik said that 25 high school students in Bandung City.

Artav Antivirus

Meanwhile, Vice President of XL Axiata Central Region, Kencono Wibowo said, it facilitates for the antivirus which found the two boys get a patent. “Our appreciation of their work, one of which facilitates the laptop equipment and facilitate the patents for their inventions,” said Wibowo Kencono added.

“People who give good directions to the same reward as those who do it.” (Narrated by Bukhari).

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