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 David Saphiro: Hanya Islam, Agama yang Dinamai Langsung oleh Tuhan

Ethnically, Michael David Shapiro is a descendant of Russian Jews. His journey to find God has started since he was 19 years old. He claimed at that time he limited himself to the logic of Science. “Yes, I was brainwashed by it,” he said.

Shapiro belief in God is uncertain. The purpose of his life when it is to be a famous rock star. “I live in an apartment in Pasadena and worked as a secretary. It’s ridiculous I know,” he said.

One night he went to the kitchen and ran into his friend was black. “I remember asking him, ‘Can I keep this vodka in the fridge tonight?”. We shook hands then went to bed. But even after that my life changed drastically, “said Shapiro.

The friend was black, a Muslim, was the first Muslim ever known Shapiro. Encouraged curiosity incredible, Shapiro asked the friend to talk about his faith. “I’m curious, what’s that, I heard about praying 5 times a day, also concerning holy war. Who was the man who named Muhammad?” he said.

While chatting he was accompanied by his roommate, a Christian, Wade. “The three of us do a session of dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims. In a chat, we find many differences as well as a lot of similarities,” said Shapiro.

Attraction Shaphiro shifts, which were all stuck around sex, drugs and parties, to the serious search for truth. A pencarianya which according to him must be resolved comprehensively. “This is the search for God and the search for how to follow him,” said Shapiro.

In perncarian that Shapiro asked herself, “Okay, ranging from simple, some God who you think is out there?”. At that time he believed only one.

“God is more than one, indivisible certainly weaker than in only one God. I thought, what if God did not agree with one another God, there must be arguments and disputes. So, one god is my conscious choice,” he added.

Once he opens the mind to the possibility of the existence of God he began to analyze various kinds of beliefs, from atheism to theism. “Something that led me to the second option is a quote, ‘Each design has a designer. With that in mind, eventually I always wake up and realize that God exists. I can not explain why. I just feel like it.”

The new discovery raises kegairah in Shapiro. During that time, he admitted that he emerged a sense of responsibility to follow the will of the Creator. “My next step is to enter the world of religion,” he said.

Back Shapiro asked himself. “Where should I start. In fact there are thousands out of me. I must eliminate and narrow down to fewer choices,” he said. Initially he was asked how to do that.

“At that time there is an understanding that enter my mind, ‘find religion that is monotheistic’. I think, would not that make sense because I believe there is only one God.”

He also passed Budhaisme and Hinduism because he considers the polytheistic beliefs. While the main religion of that time he has a view of monotheistic view is Judaism, Christianity and Islam. “Because of my Jewish ancestry, I also started with Judaism. One God, the same prophets, 10 commandments, the Torah and the Jewish soul.

When making a deepening of existing ideas in Judaism that bothered. The idea that says’ If a person is born a Jew, so he has a Jewish soul and they have to follow Judaism. “Wait a minute, in part, I feel that the idea of discrimination. It’s not something that is universal,”

“So is it true that God made the soul of the Jewish, Christian soul, spirit or soul Hindu Hindu? I think all men are created equal. So was it because someone born into a religion that means the degree of the Lord remained there despite the adherents of any wrongdoing. I do not agree with it , “said Shapiro.

One more disturbing Shapiro is no strict concept of hell in Judaism. “Why be good? Why it is not a sin?” I have no fear of punishment, then why do I have to keep the moral? ”

After studying Judaism, he headed the Christian understanding. Again he was disturbed by the concept of the trinity, one god, one father, one son and holy spirit. “Oh please explain how all this could be the one God. So how can you believe only one God existing when this subdivision,”

Explanations for the sake of explanation, question after question, the comparison for the sake of comparison, analogy and so was unable to make Shapiro understand the concept of the trinity.

Until he entered the following travel, to study Islam. Islam means surrender. Shapiro understood the main beliefs in Islam is one God, worship God five times a day kepda, required to give 2.5 percent of assets each year as a charity, fasting during Ramadan – for the sake of making someone closer to God and respect for fellow human beings and the fifth did travel to Mecca to perform Hajj for the poor.

As far as Shapiro did not find anything difficult to understand. “There is nothing that contradicts with my logic here,” he said.

Al Quran, as far as he knew the time was the book with the policy without restrictions of time and miraculous stories of interest. “A lot of new scientific facts revealed when these have been expressed 1,400 years earlier in this book,” he said.

“At that time Islam had passed my initial question about religion one god. But I want to know further whether this religion universal? Is it in line with science? I found many verses in the Qur’an which are in a corridor with science and technology , “said Shapiro.

Shapiro finds more evidence that he fata logical when assessing the value of religion, there is one thing that started to really get his attention that the name “Islam” itself. “This is the name of this religion, I find it written many times in the Qur’an”.

He was given the research he did before. “I do not remember a word ‘Judaism’ in the Old Testament or the ‘Christian’ in the New Testament. This is a great thing,” he said.

He realizes why it could not find the actual name of religion in both books before, because there is no name in these books. He also understands the word formation merupkan Judaism Judaism and Christianity certainly comes from “Christ and his followers”

“So is this the Yuda? Or Judah?” Shapiro asked at diriny. The name was known as far as Shapiro is a tribal leader Hebrews when God lowered his word to man. “So what might be called the name of religion?” he said.

Similarly, when he thought about the Christians, who comes from the name of Jesus Christ. “Is it possible we can deduce the name of religion from the people by attaching isms and-anity,” said Shapiro. Moreover, these names are not revealed in their books, this is what makes it think it is very strange.

“Just when I was selling and I said” Do you want to buy ini_______? Of course people will ask, What ini_____namanya? Of course I will not be able to sell an item without a name, ”

Shapiro believes that time is a fundamental things in which humans can identify objects, both physical and non physical. “If religion should be practiced and disseminated to every human being on earth, should not he have a name?

He also stressed, that name should be given directly by God, not man formation. “Yes that’s what I mean. The name of Christians and Judaism are not written in their holy book. The man who named him, not God,” said Shapiro concluded.

“The idea that God wanted a religion followed by people without giving a name, it is impossible for my brain to accept,” he said. “At that point, both Christians and Jews lose credibility in pure logic and religion entirely, at least in my perspective,” said Shapiro.

He found Islam is the only religion that carries the original name of religion in scripture. “That means great for me,” said Shapiro. “I realized I was going to follow Islam, then I became Muslim. I found the truth and I felt out of darkness into light.”

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