Death or death can indeed take us any time
Death or death could pick anyone without prior permisis, including us that today is probably still young and being at the top of this karir.dan occur in one-class parents who berdomisisli in NGipak Karngmojo Gunungkidul.

Monday afternoon he was still to memann paddy fields, then come home and when she reached home exhausted memberesi new grain drying, gathered in a room that had disediakan.Setelah he was taking a shower in the bathroom … in the bathroom turned out to tumble down and then up to the death.

As co-author of the first class of students that a class bertakziah to his home, the author saw his house unfinished, some have not yet dipleseter dipleseter but some here and there is still not perfect, which may be enhanced after the rice harvest …. but it turns out God says another. God is more dear to him so he was called before his perfect kehadirat_NYA … before his son graduated from vocational school and married before her first child.

Hopefully, he received pious charity of Allah, forgiveness of sin and guilt families abandoned given the fortitude and patience, and even without the guidance of the birth father may be a son of Salih useful for families, the State and religion and more importantly continue to want their parents after prayers mendo’akan five times.

Already sapkah we catch up …?