Davis pictures, Khadim and Canon

Mustafa Davis meeting with Usama Canon does not look like a “chance” alone. Because of that meeting was completely by chance, led Mustafa became a Muslim. Now, 15 years Davis has become Muslim and the event “chance” he’d never forget.

Davis accidentally greet each with Usama fifteen years ago, when she was heading to the college. Usama comment on t-shirts worn Davis and shook his hand. The next meeting in Spanish class, because it turns out they are both taking the language class and often sat next to each other in the classroom. Both were eventually told that they both like music and art. Therefore, Davis and Osama – who is good to play the piano – sometimes sneak into the hall campus because there is a piano in there. They spent many hours playing music, and sometimes interspersed with conversations about spirituality. That they do almost every day for one semester perkualiahan.

One day while enjoying a sushi meal at a Japanese restaurant near campus. Davis talked to Canon about the rather chaotic life and her desire to return to “track” a righteous life. At that time, Davis lived alone in San Jose. Night work, day in college. Davis feels his past be a burden that always haunted his life and began to think that to overcome any problems they experienced life in a way back to church, living a religious life back.

“I told Osama that I was considering to return to the Catholic, my religion is to improve lives. Usama then asked, did I ever think about Islam and I never answer, because I feel Islam is the religion of the Arabs or religious separatist group skin black. I also think that the Islamic people I meet are people who are hypocritical and I have never seen Muslims who practice their faith very well, “said Davis

Usama, Davis said, and told of her brother, Anas Canon, who moved to Islam shortly after he was active in the organization the Nation of Islam. Usama said that Islam is not just for Arabs and of which he knows, Islam is a religion of universal, even though Osama himself was not yet embraced Islam.

In talks that Usama was also asked if Davis knew about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. and Davis replied that he only knew the figure of Elijah Muhammad. Usama then explained that the Prophet Muhammad that he meant different with Muhammad that Davis knew. At this point, as usual, Davis tried to avoid if there are people who started talking a lot about religion. Especially after he knew the Prophet Muhammad came from Arabia, Davis felt Islam was not for him. Chat of the day and even then go away.

Letters of Mary Davis Chills Create

One night, after work, Davis to the bookstore to buy a Bible. He passed shelves of books “Eastern Philosophy” and saw a green bound book labeled “MUHAMMAD” with the letters golden. He paused and thought for a moment, then reached for the book. Full title of the book “Muhammad – His Life Based On The Earliest Sources” by Martin Lings.

“What concerns me is the word ‘Earliest sources’ in the title. I intend to buy a Bible in the store, and I know there is a theological debate about the mistakes that exist in the Bible, which is also very disturbing my mind. And so I open the book ‘MUHAMMAD’ that, although difficult to pronounce Arabic names in the book, I tried to read a few lines of the book. Four or five lines that I read mentions the word ‘Qur’an’ several times. The names of Arabs who read more and make I feel that Islam is a religion of Arabs and not what I want in my life. I also put it, “said Davis.

But when he walked out of the bookcase, the golden letters that read “MUHMMAD” appears again welling up in her eyes and make Davis returned to the shelves earlier. This time, Davis noticed a book entitled “The Koran”. He wanted to ignore the book, but he remembered that the word “Koran” is called several times in Martin Lings book he had just read and read. Davis finally took the book “The Quran” and open its pages at random, and the coincidence that she opened the first page Letter of Mary. Davis reading the translation of the letter from beginning to end. While reading the letter that tells Mary the birth of Christ, David felt his body chills. He did not think Muslims also believe in a miracle in the birth of “Jesus” who believed in religion Davis, but Muslims do not believe in Jesus as the son of God as the Christian faith. During this time, although as a Catholic, Davis considers the teaching that God had a son, really does not make sense.

Without knowing why, Davis sobbing at the bookstore while reading the Koran in his hand. He decided to buy it so he could read more about what Muslims believed. “In situations that are emotional feelings, I really had forgotten to buy a Bible and leave it bookshop,” says Davis.

Weird incident in the day

After buying the Quran, the next day Davis to the campus and in the way he passed a small shop owned by a man who sells handicrafts Sinegal, wallet and a typical African dolls. Davis interested to see the wallet. Sinegal man was greeted, “Hello my friend how are you doing?”. Davis replied, “fine, thank you.”

Davis told the man that Sinegal and watched carefully, smiling and asking questions that make Davis a surprise. “Buddy, are you a Muslim? You’re like a Muslim,” Sinegal said it man. Davis gasped, as long as it has never been anyone who thought him a Muslim, and last night he had just bought the Koran. Davis replied that he was not a Muslim, but last night he had just bought the Koran.

Hearing Davis, Sinegal man came out of his small shop and Davis embraced and continuously kept saying that he was happy to hear it and it is a sign from God to Davis. Sinegal his name is Khadim.

Khadim had time to ask Davis to wait his shop, while his ablutions and prayers. In Davis, Khadim said that as a Muslim, he is obliged to pray five times a day. Once Davis said he was willing to help, Khadim shows storage box of money, let the price of their goods at Davis, then go pray.

About a half hour guard Davis Khadim shop. While waiting, Davis never stopped thinking, “Who is this man, leaving his money to me. I could have run away and take his money and he will not be able to catch me.” Davis wondered why Khadim not worried about that possibility, entrusting his money to strangers.

Khadil returning from prayers and Davis look like a shining face Khadim. He hugged and thanked Davis. Davis then said goodbye and headed for campus. Arriving on campus, Davis once again shocked when a student from Pakistan say hello and say hello, then asked Davis “Are you a Muslim?”. This is the second question addressed in a single day at Davis.

Davis replied that he was not a Muslim and a student asked why Pakistan was asking about it. Pakistani student was just saying, “I do not know, you seem like a Muslim.” This incident made Davis wonder to myself. Davis told the students of Pakistan earlier that he is now being read to read the Qur’an. The students of Pakistan are very pleased to hear what was said Davis and asked whether Davis ever been to the mosque. Davis bahw frankly he has not been to the mosque and he accepted the invitation of the Pakistani students to go to the mosque the next day. They also exchanged phone numbers. Davis increasingly curious.

On Friday evening, Pakistani students came and asked Davis to his home. Davis entertained eat, sit on the floor. Despite all his life he had never sat on the floor to eat, Davis did not feel awkward at all. After eating, they went to the mosque of the Muslim Community Association in Santa Barbara, California.

Arriving at the mosque, Davis greeted by about 40 pilgrims mosque with a smile and handshake. Davis invited to sit together, forming a small circle. A man asked if Davis knew about Islam. Davis also told of how he came to buy the Koran and began reading the contents. Davis was asked again, whether he believed in the Prophet Muhammad, without doubt Davis answered “Yes”. Another question, if Davis believes that Jesus is the son of God, Davis answered “No”, but believe that Jesus was a prophet. There are many other questions posed to Davis, ranging from whether he believed in angels, the holy Al-Quran verses and the Day of Resurrection, and Davis replied that he believed everything.

The man who asked it and say, “That’s what Muslims believe, so you (Davis) believes the same thing. What a time you want to become a Muslim?” he asked. Again, without hesitation Davis answered “Yes”.


The man that is what ultimately helped him utter two sentences creed on the 17th day of Ramadan in 1996.

Six months after converting to Islam, Usama Canon contact Davis and asked him about Islam. Both go to dinner and discuss about religion. The next day, Davis took to the mosque and Canon Canon also say the shahada. Canon, the first person to mention Islam at Davis and an honor for Davis the day it took Canon Canon entrance to the mosque and Islam as well.

“It’s not theology or religious debate that took me to the religion of Islam. But the music, culture, friends who I trust and a stranger who smiled at me. The irony, Arabic culture was the first time made me reluctant to find out about Islam. But now, after becoming a Muslim, I try to leave my own culture (American culture) and try to apply the Arab culture. After a few years, I can go back to the roots of my culture as Americans and as a Muslim, “said Davis.

Davis now lives in San Francisco Bay Area. He works as a photographer and director. Not long ago, during a walk with Canon, Davis met Khadim again. They are very happy and took a picture together. “Praise be to God for the blessing of Islam,” Davis prayer. (Ln / Is / mx)

source: eramuslim.com


“My people will look at the last day with shining faces, hands and legs glistening from traces of ablution.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim