Just mention the name of Khadija, he used the name after converting to Islam. He is a professor of Jewish descent who finds the light of Islam after witnessing the death of a director named Tony Richardson from the disease AIDS. Khadija admired Richardson as a professional stage director drama, brilliant and recognized among the international artists.

Richardson’s life as a homosexual spread of the deadly AIDS disease. From there Khadija started thinking about the lifestyle of Western society and American society, especially in matters of morality. Khadija start to Islamic teachings.

Khadija begin by studying the history of Islam. As a Jew, he was still considering the history of his ancestors, the Spanish Jews who live in Muslim communities and expelled during the Inquisition in 1942. Khadija learn how the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate treat Jewish refugees in a humane manner at the time of the expulsion of Jews from mainland Europe.

“God guided me in my study and learn Islam from many leaders such as Imam Siddiqi of the South Bay Islamic Association, Hussein Rahima and my host sister, Maria Abdin, a Muslim, Native Americans and worked as a writer at the magazine SBIA, IQRA,” the story of Khadija started the story before becoming a Muslim.

While doing research on Islam, Khadija interviewed a halal meat shop owners in a district in San Francisco. At the store he met a buyer, veiled women who later deeply affected him in understanding the teachings of Islam. Khadija was impressed with the attitude that women are gentle and friendly, especially the veiled turned out to master the four foreign languages.

“Intelligence, makes me feel free from arrogance and provide a lasting impression on the early days I learned how Islam can influence human behavior,” said Khadija.

“The research I do makes me know more about Islam than just a collection of facts, that Islam is a religion of life. I learned how the Muslims treat themselves with dignity and kindness that can lift them from violence and slavery in America .. .

“I learned that Muslim men and women can support each other existence of each, without having to destroy both verbally and physically. I also learned that a proper fashion show spirit of spirituality and to raise their status as human beings,” said Khadija.

The condition is very different from what is experienced during this Khadija, a woman who lived in the middle of American culture. As American women in general, it is like to live in the middle of sexual slavery. From an early age, Khadija learned that U.S. society in general human judge solely from outward appearances, so many teenagers, both female and male are desperate because they feel accepted by their peers.

After learning more about Islam and Muslims get along with some American, Khadija more love and respect Islam. “I support and admire the Islam because Islam gives equal rights in matters of education for men and women, respecting the rights of men and women in society and teaching about proper dress and Islamic rules on marriage,” said Khadija.

“Islam teaches to menghargadi ourselves as creatures of His creation who was awarded the ability to be responsible in our relationships with others. Through prayer and charity, and faith and commitment to education, if we follow the path of Islam, we have the opportunity to educate children will be free from the threat of violence and exploitation, “he continued.

In his journey to Islam, Khadija active in the organization AMILA (American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism) and join the organization managing the site. Khadija honestly admit that the Muslim community is an amazing community. “Islam gives directions on us to avoid the fires of hell,” said Khadija.

Khadija was determined to say two sentences creed and became a Muslim. “The Creator is known by many names. His mercy and we feel His presence is manifested by love, tolerance and compassion are present in public life,” said Khadija. (Ln / oi)

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