Dirt in the ear was also earn a lot of people

Dirt in our ears may not have thought or glance sometimes troublesome feelings arise in fact many benefits that can be taken by some of these orang.Hal few weeks when my ear was ringing and less sensitive to sounds around him. Almost three weeks does not go away, despite my own clean with existing tools.

Because the old does not go away from the hum that I felt, I tried to find a specialist ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat), alkhamdulillah met and after looking at the practice for the day at 12.00 pm until 14.00 pm, after I left dzuhur the clinic after the left look right look (knowingly first time to the doctor) I was met by a young mother who had just asked after conducting Dzuhur.Saya Prayer needs, name address etc then recorded in the book and told to wait in the waiting room .

About an hour later doter came from service in public hospitals, I immediately called into complaints ditanya Check this space and so forth, I finally sat down in order kemudian doctor is taking a tool to see the condition telinga.Setelah take part in such a tool hook, My ears were taken droppings from the inside to a few times and then feces disposed of and then take such a small compressor to clean the inside of the ear.

Ploooong taste … the ears are not buzzing anymore, then I ask how much it costs and after paying and thanked me directly go back to school to teach again.

Dirt on the ears of many people turned out to support one of them is a doctor ENT specialist, in the presence of earwax fathers ENT doctor can get the patient as a means of getting sustenance from Allah SWT. The second mother clinic attendants who can also get sustenance from the patient record, a third manufacturer ear (ear drops) whose ear the more dirty the more in demand also drops tersebut.Yang into four appliance makers (factory) hook to pick up dirt in telinga.Kelima school medical school department of ENT specialist so that students can get the best operational.

Subkhanalloh dirt in the ear turned out to be a means of getting sustenance from Allah SWT, although at first glance does not seem useful or annoying.

Hopefully, this incident makes our gratitude to Allah SWT has increased, Amien