Niat Membela Muslim Antarkan Christina Rountree Memeluk Islam

When two planes crashed into the WTC on September 11 last, Christina Rountree was in junior high school first. Like most other Americans, he said stunned and angry.

“Then came the news that it was all done by Muslims. I also asked my Muslim friends, ‘why these people do in the name of Islam. It’s not your religion?”

Christina is still remembered, his friends said, “They are crazy people. They do not represent Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace.”

But he was not satisfied with that answer. He began to find out for himself about these beliefs. Even in college he joined the Muslim Student Association.

When finding out why Christina’s eyes began to open. During Christina is apparently also trying to determine what kind of life one day and he saw that the information about Islam as long as this is wrong.

He also decided to help non-Muslims in America to understand Islam. “They got the information wrong and that’s worrisome,” said Christina. “I am an African-American, so I knew it was judged by your appearance,”

But Christina also initially hesitant when people will listen. He also divides the doubt to his friend, a Muslim.

The friend told him. “Well, Christina, if not more cool by giving examples of how a Muslim should be, and not spend the time to speak what is not Muslim.

When I heard it, Christina was found on the ‘click. “I do not know why I cringe to hear it and I’m thrilled. It was a very emotional moment.”

He also increasingly in studying Islam. Until finally he states believe in the Prophet Muhammad and all kebaikkan which he did. He liked the idea of structured Islamic offered and also the fact that he met that the Quran answers all he needed.

On 17 November 2006, Christina has become Muslim states. He vowed to say shahada, that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of God.

He felt embraced Islam is something God wants of him. Although, he admitted, it was not something desired by the mother.

“My mother was really upset, he thinks I’m doing this for a man, because I always close with the men with Middle Eastern or Indian tampila,” said Christina.

“And then I do not have one close male friend a one. So he can not use the card,” he said. While the father tended to respect her decision. “Dad says, do what makes you happy. Do whatever makes you think you have found God,”

Christina says her mother would now increasingly close denganya since he embraced Islam. Even his mother is also often involved when he went to the mosque.

Being a Muslim he was having a difficult and painful. One was when terjdi bombing attempt on an airline in Detroit during the Christmas Day successfully thwarted. He considered it a major setback for Muslims everywhere.

“It’s no longer just two steps, is like thousands of steps backwards,” says Christina. “The reason we’ve gotten to the point where you can talk about Islam in a positive aura and is not considered a traitor when you do that.”

An in-flight experience increasingly exacerbate the feelings of Christina. Shortly after the attempted attack by a Muslim Nigeria, he was in a plane about to take off, when someone next to invite to speak on the topic

“He and the pilot also repeatedly said, ‘The Muslims are not supposed to be in America. I hope they all die’. They kept saying that and that again,” recalls Christina.

At that time he directly understands, that this view of Muslims who may have a majority of U.S. citizens. Christina also hopes to become an antidote to the view that with a real example.

But he acknowledged that time he remained silent and did not say that he is actually a Muslim. He felt too burdened by such chatter.

That experience did not make it lose hope that one day America will do as he did, learn for yourself how truly Islamic.

“Whereas Americans tend to be quick to ask about everything,” he said. “Surprisingly not for this (Islam-ed).”

Christina said she still had to learn a lot about his faith. Currently, he is not covered because it’s not the first time he obtained. But he hoped and prayed one day she will wear.