Sayed Man, Si Gangster Itu Pun Menangis Saat Mendengar Al Quran
Sayed Mann
BERLIN – When moving to the western part of Germany, after the Berlin wall collapsed, Sayed Mann, was then 12 years old, is a boy who was confused search for identity. His family originated from East Germany.

Growing up in a socialist environment, religion did not exist in the dictionary and his family. He tends to smile cynically when he saw people adherents of certain beliefs, including Muslims,

In West Germany he saw the situation differently. Immigrants more often found and he was befriended by some stranger.

“I’m not used to the new life at the time,” I sayed. “We live each day as garbage. Idola we are people of black Americans living in isolated settlements,” he said.

They idolize, a man who was once named Sved Mann that was also modeled the behavior of immigrants. “I did many bad things, including stealing and so forth,” recalls Sayed.

Until finally he met a Turkish immigrant who comes from a familiar friend. The friend that was later introduced to Islam and succeeded sayed him embrace the religion.

Comrade brother Sayed has a local mosque imam. When the brother gives his intention to invite Sayed Thau visit to the mosque, the imam admitted pessimist.

“I said, ‘She? No Maybe’. But my brother was determined. In fact, he said Sayed Islam will embrace his return me from traveling,” he said.

Three months later, when the priest returned home he was suddenly greeted with a greeting by Sayed Assalamu’alaikum. “Wow I’m shocked. It’s really incredible,” he said. “I even had to ask (in the red-Sayed), ‘What happened to you?'”.

Apparently the priest understands all this time Sayed always looking, but he never-never take the time and tend to ignore rather than serious.

“He says always believe in the existence of God, I think that is what lead him,” said the priest. “I saw he was happy to have found Islam.

Now the priest even become tutor Sayed. With the discipline he learned Arabic in order to read the Qur’an

But Sayeed did not want to be called to convert. “There is never changed religious term in Islam,” he said. “In the Qur’an mentioned there is no compulsion in religion,” said Sayed again.

And then? “I prefer to describe as’ someone has introduced me to Islam and my religion into it,” said Sayed.

When asked by Cengiz Culture, an independent project filming a documentary about religion and culture in Germany, why he chose Islam, Sayed firmly replied, “Because in the end everything is, Islam,” he emphasized on the meaning of the word surrender.

He has been saying the pledge with the creed of ten years ago. Since then, he has diligently read to learn and know more of what the meaning of Islam, including for himself.

Sayed Islam is to surrender the desire for themselves under the will of God. Why would he want to do? “Because with that later I can meet my Creator, I can see heaven. I am entitled to it and I think that is Islam to me today,” said Sayed when asked essence of Islam o

Since ten years also, Sayed perform prayers five times a day. “When you pray you are absent and the rest of the world and all its contents. You membersihkn and overlooking the Creator,” he said.

He admitted there was no specific strategy to perform prayers five times a day in Germany. “Everyone can surely find a place for ablution, washing themselves and praying,” he said without load.

Sayed claimed to find his conviction after a long discussion with the fellow had in one night. “After that I immediately said to go to the mosque with him,” said Sayeed.

When it is dawn and a little boy was chanting the verses of holy Quran. Sayed suddenly cried. “I do not know why. I do not understand Arabic, I do not know what he read, did not know anything,” he recalls.

“But my heart has clearly understand something. That’s really incredible experience,” said Sayed. “I’m a gangster-style living on the street suddenly can cry and not know why.”

Now in addition to peace and order of life Sayed also find other valuable thing in Islam. “When you become a Muslim, you lose friends but you get a brother,” he said. Soon you become a member of a family. This is something that I can not get in the churches in Germany. ”