Karen Meek Semula Anggap Beragama adalah Sebuah Kebodohan

Karen Saffia Meek

Karen Saffia Meek

He chose to be called Saffia now. Her real name, Karen Meek. Saffia name attached in front of his name, sometimes people write in the middle of his name.

Together with Eric, her husband, shoulder to shoulder Saffia bersyiar Islam in Lewisville, Texas. Both are also active in the Central American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In between his busy as the staff of a large restaurant in his town, he actively participates in Islamic studies.

Besides his involvement with CAIR, Saffia also active in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He has been Chairman of the Conference on Media for ISNA regional conference in Dallas.

Among the anti-Islamic stronghold, he is seen as a threat. An American newspaper once wrote reviews about him. “Meek hatred against the United States poses a threat to the security of this country,” the commentator Globe News.

This media is commenting on an article written Saffia October 2006 on how people should not generalize Muslims. He wrote, “If you want the truth about what the core teachings of Islam, please read the Quran for yourself. Council on American-Islamic Relations to develop a campaign to” Explore the Quran ‘and’ Explore the Life of Muhammad ‘to find their own truth about Islam. ”

He also wrote another article titled “Do not believe everything you hear about Muslims.” In it, he asserted Islam does not teach hatred of Christians or Jews. “On the contrary, the Qur’an called them the People of the Book,” writes Saffia contained in the Lufkin Daily News.


But who would have thought, Saffia initially was an atheist. “I grew up with the mindset that religion is something stupid,” he said.

He always laugh when people say about God. “I do not believe in a God. I do not think about how this world was created, and frankly, I do not care,” he said.

Dating Eric, she felt seide. Youth dreams were originally Christian Baptist, but later became an atheist.

One time, she realizes her boyfriend changed. “I thought he had suffered brain washing. All of a sudden he stopped drinking alcohol,” he said. Eric also rejected if presented with pork and doing “odd rituals” five times a day.

Apparently, without his knowledge, he learned about Islam. When his second marriage to count down in a matter of weeks, Eric finally admits: has become a Muslim.

Saffia felt slapped. But given the choice Eric to step back from this woman refused to marry her plan. Although shock Karen still want to continue the marriage with Eric.

He just wondered why Eric chose Islam. He also studied it silently. “Just to understand Eric, without intention to join the religion,” he said.

But the woman who originally called Karen is acknowledged that Islam provides the most logical explanation about God and the creation of the universe and it is difficult for Saffia denied this.

He eventually married to Eric. Saffia is still studying Islam and for the first time he tried to perform the prayers, while her husband worked in the office. He studied his own prayers from a book.

“Up to this point, I do things quietly. I did not tell Eric. I do not embrace religion just because my husband embrace a religion. I want to find my own way,” he said.

Until finally, he resolved to follow her husband converted to Islam. Saffia also say two sentences creed and officially became a Muslim.
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Source: CAIR / Islam Awareness