Gaby Gonzales: Amerika Membawa Saya pada Kebenaran Islam

Gaby Gonzales


Just like any other Hispanic descent who had already become Muslims, Gaby Gonzalez also always refused to be called converts. According to him, he did not convert, but “home” on religious affiliations of his ancestors. “I went back to Islam,” he said.
According to him, long before Islam asuk to the U.S. and other countries in the world, Spain had already been under Muslim rule for almost 800 years before the Christian kingdom of the Moors captured it in 1492. And just like other converts, he turn on the traditions of the past: integrating the name of Islam with their real names. But everyday, he prefers to be called by the name of Islam; real names is only for official purposes.

Gaby was born in Honduras, 20 years ago. In the past, he focused on himself. “I do not think about others, about my parents, just me and my friends circle,” he said. Now, every day he tries to become better, to do it well, to help others and stop being selfish and arrogant.

Indeed, he has a new nickname among his college friends in the department of anthropology at Montclair State University: Sister Gaby. The reason, he is now covered, and the headscarf is her favorite color of green jade.

Gaby is one of thousands of Latin who had converted to Islam. Latin converts packed the last few years many mosques, including some in North Jersey. In fact, now they are organizing themselves with frills “Latino Muslims” in the name of the organization. Indeed, today began publishing the Koran touchable pioneered the Latin language and Latin-speaking preachers.


Like many Hispanics who embrace Islam, Gaby comes from a devout Catholic family. In Honduras, her grandmother was always sure that he actually followed the rules of religion. “My grandmother would tantrum if I do not go to the church, if I had not read the Bible day. As a result I have never evolved naturally,” he said.

As teenagers generally, at the age of “rebel”, he clashed frequently with the rules of his grandmother. “I always stress, do things I do not need me to do. When you wake up, I’ll always pray ‘Lord, show me Thy straight path,'” she said.

Remove from high school, he glanced at the United States as a place of studying further. In this country, he met friends dati various nations with diverse beliefs.

However, he admitted his heart tied to Islam. Science probably learned a bit more sustain interest, especially regarding the roles of Islam in medieval times.

“I read more about Islam that I want to know. To find out what is causing so many people to submit entirely to this religion. As I read the Quran, I discovered the truth that speaks of serving others, putting others first .. ‘ he said. Islam made her feel anchored.

But his friends learn of which had already become Muslims, they “pay a high price” for religious conversion, among others, discarded family. They are also the subject of taunts and warnings by fellow Hispanics, especially for Muslim women who exchanged looks too.

But his heart was set. And how lucky he is, when the family finally accepted him warmly.