Richard Dickson Crane, Penasihat Presiden yang Terpesona oleh Shalat

Richard Dickson Crane

Various important positions in government the United States (U.S.) once occupied by Robert Dickson Crane. He once served as foreign policy adviser to U.S. President of the 37th, Richard Nixon, from 1963 to 1968, and for a very short time was deputy director of planning of the National Security Council during the Nixon administration, as well as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) in the reign of President Ronald Reagan. After embracing Islam, a man born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, March 26, 1929 is mostly involved in several activities that campaigned on Islam.

Crane ancestors of the maternal line originated from mainland Europe who migrated to the U.S. territory. His family came to New Haven, Connecticut, in 1636. Some of them settled in Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth), New Jersey. While paternal grandmother came from Cherokee Indian tribe.

Although derived from among the Indians, but the big family united Crane remained menomor educational affairs. Crane’s father was a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Harvard University. Meanwhile, her mother a large family known American public as one financial backer Northwestern University. Therefore not surprising that childhood to adulthood he get an adequate education.

After completing upper secondary education, Crane had enrolled at Harvard University, but not until the finish. Then he went on a baccalaureate level education at Northwestern University. After graduating from Northwestern, he was asked to help run the family business. Then his parents asked him to pursue graduate studies at Harvard Law School.

Since young, Crane likes to write numerous articles. One of the articles ever written is about the Soviet space strategy. When the Cuban Missile Crisis broke out, he wrote a long article about the strategy of psychological warfare.

Without it thought the article was read by former number one in America, Richard Nixon. Nixon read it on the plane on a flight from California to New York. ”He called me soon after landing, in January 1963, and asked if I would be advisers to political affairs abroad.”

As an adviser to the president of course he must master the various aspects of issues related to foreign policy. Its main task now is to collect the best articles on every subject and combine all these articles into a book summary to be read by Nixon who was then serving as Vice President.

Nixon was known to love reading. Various kinds of articles read, one of which is about religion. He was interested to read about various religions. And he wanted to know about Islam. ”At that time I have read a little about Islam, because I think Islam will be the ally of the United States the most powerful and durable to resist Communism. For both of us, me and Nixon, looking at communism as a threat to the world,”said Crane.

When Nixon was about to run for U.S. President, Crane was one of Nixon’s closest men who do not provide support. Moreover, his thoughts are often contrary to the successful team leader Henry Kissinger, making him removed during the campaign period of 1968. Once elected the 37th U.S. president, Nixon appointed Crane became deputy director of planning for the National Security Council. While the position of director held by Kissinger. However, a less harmonious relationship with Kissinger makes Crane eliminated from the National Security Council.

Crane admitted at first he never seriously thought about Islam. Who knew about Islam is that Muslims should kill both Christians and Muslims heaven like a house of prostitution. ”I am very disgusted and never desire to study this religion. Religion is very primitive. And I advised Nixon to use Islam as an ally to fight the Communists. I think Islam is a religion that disgusting, but at least, can be used to fight Communism.”

However, a banquet meal in Bahrain to change his views about Islam. It was the summer of 1977, Crane and his wife were in Bahrain. In the midst of a hostile temperature, well above 100 degrees, his wife asked him to accompany a look around the palace in Al-Muharraq, which is the oldest market town in the world. The city is only composed of narrow alleys, like a chaotic road network.

This chaotic condition of the road which makes Crane and his wife lost in a crowd. In a confused state, suddenly there was an old man passing in front of him and invites Crane to his house located not far from its location at the time. Crane and his wife then spent the rest of their days there. His host entertained them with a wide variety of foods. ”We talked about various things, and he says that he is a Muslim. I was fascinated because he’s really good people. We never talked about Islam. We talked about what is good in the world, about the bad things in the world, and about what is important in the world. Also about the role of God in the world, but not about Islam,”he said.

Moment really made an impression on him. After the banquet, Crane began to think whether he should begin to study the Islamic religion. He also studied Islam, and realize that everything in Islam is really what has always believed.

In 1980, he had the opportunity to follow a conference on Islamic movements in New Hampshire. All the great thinkers of the world Islamic movement there. When lunch time arrives, Crane would prefer to hang out with foreign visitors. He has in mind when it was just a desire to learn as much as possible from them.

Without much question, Crane then follow in the footsteps of these foreign delegates to a room that the floor is covered with carpet. At first he thought they would eat lunch. However, he realized that it was the day Friday. ”They’ll perform Friday prayers. I decided I’d better leave them. But I think it would offend them. Then I just sat in the back room,”he recalled the incident.

Which acts as the priest prays that moment was Hasan al-Turabi, a prominent international Islamic movement from Sudan. Watching al-Turabi prostrate, Crane was stunned for a moment. ”I realized that he bowed to Allah. If he can prostrate to Allah so that means he is ten times better than me. I decided that I also have to kneel,”he said. He was getting a model from there. At that moment, Crane prostrate and decided to become a Muslim.

source: Republika.co.id