The new year 2011 will soon be passed, some people welcomed him with a wide range. Horn sounded throughout the night is one example

When the seconds before the new year almost all the trumpet which was already in the buyer blown until the advent of 2011, after which the trumpets thrown away and become garbage. This is a futile act because millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars just wasted just like that for pursue the satisfaction or generality only.

Welcoming the new year in some other communities there are the dance-dance all night until morning in the hotels or the nigh clubs with entrance fees or rent hotel rooms for hundreds of thousands of dollars. ignition of firecrackers and fireworks fire came bustling place where there are spending hundreds of entertainment thousands, even millions of dollars.

On the other hand thousands of families now homeless and living like a disaster that occurred at Mount Merapi, the tsunami in Mentawai, and catastrophic flooding in Wasior lain.Lebih location is useful when a small portion of funds used for the party were donated to our new brother affected .

Hopefully there are people who try to set aside some sustenance from the party so that it can be used to help our new brothers or stricken by natural disasters.

If adultery and usury has struck a land so they (residents) are on their own justify punishment of God. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani and Al Hakim)