I was born in Athens, Greece, from the elderly Greek Orthodox Christians. My father’s family lived in Istanbul, Turkey, almost all of their lives. My father was born and raised there. They were prosperous family, well educated and like most Orthodox Christians living in Islamic countries, they are very holding fast to religious teachings.

Arrival time when the Turkish government decided to kick the majority of Greek descent out of the country and confiscate property, homes and their businesses. Conditions that forced my father’s family back to Greece with his bare hands. This is done and that Turkish Muslims who approve, according to them, to hate Islam.

My mother families lived in a Greek island on the border between Greece and Turkey. During the Turkish attacks took place, Turkey controlled the island, burning houses. For safety, the islanders had fled mainland Greece. More reason to hate the Muslim Turks.

Greece, more than 400 years of Turkish controlled. Finally we, the young Greek are taught to believe that any crimes committed against the Greeks, are the responsibility of Islam. So, for hundreds of years we were taught in history books and religions, to hate and make fun of Islam.

In our book, Islam is not a religion and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. not a prophet. He was a leader and very smart politician who collected the rules and laws from the books of Jewish and Christian. Then he added with his own ideas and rules the world.

At school, we were even taught to make fun of him, his wife and friend-sahabatny. All the ‘caricature’ and rude jokes about it – which was published in many media today – is part of class lessons and test us!.

Alhamdulillah, Allah protect my heart and hatred towards Islam had never entered the heart. The biggest relief for me as possible from two parents who are not relegius figure. They rarely practice religious rites and only come to church when there are weddings and funerals.

The reason that made my father withdrew from his religion is the corruption that he witnessed the priests performed daily. How can these people preach about God and goodness, but at the same time stealing from church funds, bought the villa and a Mercedes car and spread the idea among their own homosexuality?

Is this a true representation of the religion that will guide us, correct us and we get closer to God. My father was disgusted with them and that’s what he became an atheist. The churches began to lose the church, at least in my country, because the action of the pastor.

Not Satisfied with Initial Confidence

As a teenager, I loved the book and read a lot. I myself have never really satisfied with my Christian hug. I believe in God, fear and love him, but who else really upsetting me.

I mulau looking for but I was never looking for and studying Islam. Perhaps because of my educational background contrary to this teaching.

But thank God, He loves my soul and guide me to the light. He sends into my life a husband, a Muslim man who cultivate love in my heart. We were married regardless of religious differences.

My husband was always willing to answer any questions related to religion, without demeaning my beliefs – however wrong with them. He never suppress or even ask me to convert.

After three years of marriage, have a chance to know Islam even further and read the Qur’an directly, as well as other religious books, I also believe there is something that is not trinity. Muslims believe in only One God that can not be paired with anything. Not having children, couples and there is nothing on earth has the right to be worshiped but Him. None of which share a oneness with Him and His attributes.

Being Muslim

I embraced Islam. But I hide the new religion of their parents, friends for years. We lived together in Greece without ever leaving the teachings of Islam and it was extremely difficult, almost impossible.

In my hometown there was no mosque, no access to Islamic studies, there was no one to pray or fast, or someone wearing a headscarf.

There are some Muslim immigrants who came to Greece for a brighter financial future. They let the Western life interesting and corrupt them. The result, they do not follow their religious teachings and completely lost.

My husband and I have to pray and fast to follow the calendar. No Adzhan and no Islamic community to support us. We feel setiah day decline. Our confidence weakened and wave drag us.

When our daughter was born, we decided – in order to save our souls and our daughter – migrate to Islamic countries. We do not want to raise him in a Western environment that is free in which he has struggled to maintain their identity and may end up getting lost.

Thank God, he has guided us and brought us the opportunity to migrate to Muslim countries, where we heard the melodious sentences Adhzan. We also can increase knowledge and our love for Him and the Prophet Muhammad SAW

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