Bruno Metsu Menjadi Mualaf Saat Melatih Tim Senegal

Mr. Bruno Metsu

Lucas-Felix Bruno Metsu, the full name of his parents. But the public is more familiar world of football with Bruno Metsu. His name is getting stuck after he successfully brought his team, Senegal, signed in 2002 World Cup quarterfinals last. Success brings Senegal national football team to the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup could be regarded as the greatest achievement Metsu throughout his career in football.

More than 30 years, his career a player and coach Metsu is not known. He never played at the club under the board of France and Belgium as Dunkerqe, Nice, Lille and Anderlecht. Since 1988, he handled second-class French club, Beauvais and Lille, Valenciennes, Sedan, and Valence. Before dealing with Senegal, he can handle the small African country, Guinea, for six months.

Despite the success of Senegal’s national team training, does not mean Metsu not obstacle. D first arrived in Senegal, according to him, such a deal first with the club Sedan. All people regard it as an alien from outer space. ”We recommend that, before judging someone, give him time to work. But let it be, but all the others then know what I have done,”he said.

But in reality in a short time managed to attract sympathy Metsu Senegal player and team official. Not with hierarchical and militaristic approach, but with a pattern of openness and love each other. For the players, many times he asserted,”I am not a cop, but trainer. And you are free to express anything.”

With this approach, Metsu around to a number of clubs under the board of France, and managed to bring back the players that were previously reluctant to join the national team. In discipline, motivation and responsibility, he never let go of the atmosphere relaxed, joking, and kinship. Whatever his problems, always be solved together.

Training philosophy really grow keterpesonaannya Metsu grow in line with the African continent. People born in Coudekerque-Village, France, on January 28th, 1954 truly admire African culture. ”There is a mystery, human values, solidarity, friendship, something sudha lost in Europe,”he said.

In Africa, he said, the door is always open. In Europe, players will only come when coaches have a problem. While in Africa, they will come at any time, to see how the trainer works. Charm of Africa is very touching Metsu. ”I took a white nigger,”he said proudly.

Perhaps, a touch of African values that made him also embraced Islam on March 24, 2002. Just so you know, more than 90 percent of the population of Senegal is a Muslim. After converting to Islam, he later changed his name to Abdul Karim.

Abdul Karim himself never revealed why convert to Islam. For him, religion is a matter of privacy. He did not want her privacy spit in public.
After a performance at the 2002 World Cup, a number of clubs and countries scramble meminangnya. Now he is trusted by Qatar Football Federation (QFF) to train the Qatar national team until 2014. With the achievement of performance ever when he torehkan mengarsiteki Senegal national team, it is no wonder that people expect to Qatar Abdul Karim himself to realize the dream of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil.
source: Republika.co.id

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