EARLY PORNOGRAPHY adultery, fornication anathema AND DISASTER CAUSE OF GOD Almighty

Fig. With little at Sarijan mother breaking stones since at 07.00 s / d, at 17:00 pm

Seeking sustenance to cover the needs of both personal and family life pursued by various ways, especially “small people”. Despite the hard work and sweat but Allah the Mighty and wise selelu Insha Allah gives sustenance to anyone who would try to pick up sustenance.

One of the persistent profile pick sustenance from Allah among his hard work and hard competition facing today is the family life of the father and mother of Kedungkeris NGlipar Sarijan Gunungkidul.Bapak Sarijan and this mother pick sustenance from Allah Almighty to gather stones of times and then transport it to the curb highway and broke into small granules and then sell it.

Fig. Stone fragments are dijajakn roadside

With a pole and a small basket father Sarijan looking rocks in the river and then carried it from the river which is about three hundred meters to the place and here setrategis Sarijan mother with a small hammer to break into granules kecil.Sejak at 07.00 am the father and mother this already left home by traveling about a mile with a drink and lunch supplies and equipment necessary to a location on the edge of the road linking the districts NGlipar and Sambipitu. This is where the father and mother made a small hut where bekerjka breaking stones to market at a time when there are buyers who need .

Working all day till five o’clock in two days this father and mother could collect a cubic stone splinters that if there is a buyer and then raise to the top one lubik truck was bought with a price of about one hundred fifty thousand rupiah.Bila no buyer so wait until someone passing then directly market it membelinya.Selain father and mother are also selling it through his brother who happened to have hanpone (HP). For buyers who need the stone other than directly to the location of his brother is also allowed to pass.

Around five o’clock Sarijan father’s mother returned to her home and do not forget to bring food from farm animals to two head of cattle gaduhan.

Similarly, a glimpse of sustenance from Allah SWT to pick from a small family-breaking stone which results not sell well in a short time by working ten hours per day with an income of about Rp 30,000 without being able to transport let alone insurance makan.maupun money, May becomes contemplation fathers officials who dish-pauknya money alone hundreds of thousands of dollars. May Allah SWT to the family members strength Sarijan father and other fathers who have a profession that sama.Amien

* Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra:
People who pay for the widows and the poor is like a fighter in Allah’s way. I think he adds: And like people who always run non-stop prayers night or like a person who is always fast without breaking. (Saheeh Muslim)