If you ask me at the age of 16 if I wanted to become a Muslim, I would say, “No, thanks. My religion is drinking, partying and I’m comfortable with my friends, “said Catherine Heseltine, shaking his head.

Growing up in North London, Catherine did not practice any religion at home. Large in educated middle-class neighborhood, religion for the family is considered “a little old-fashioned and irrelevant.”

Until one day, school teacher growth and development, which meets a young man named Syed. This young man, admitted, unlike men who had ever known. “He challenged all prasangkaku about religion. He was young, Muslims, strongly believe in God – and unfortunately, he is very “normal”, just as men age. The only difference is that, unlike most British youth, he never drank liquor. ”

For Catherine, the discussions with Syed make it feel like being slapped. According to him, a devout agnotism will realize that being a person without religion is also a belief; sure God did not exist. “Then to me, even there is not any God, I never cared.”

A year later, he turned upside down with his thinking. Until finally he quietly realize, began to fall in love with Syed and Islam. Whether he fell in love at first and then the new Syed Islam, or vice versa. What is clear, it is becoming increasingly curious diligent reading Islamic books.

What most caught his attention from all the literature they read? “Qur’an. The book is very interesting from an intellectual side, the emotional, and spiritual. I liked his explanation of the universe and discover that 1,500 years ago, Islam has given women’s rights are not held here in this Western world. I’m more convinced Qur’an truly a revelation. ”

However, Islamic states, he has not been able. For him, not just bersyahadat berislam, or to get what we want – in the context of Catherine is getting Syed as her husband. “This religion is really cool. But during the three years I kept the interest in Islam for myself, “he said.

Until then, arises the courage to bersyahadat in college in the first year. In the same year, for reasons not want to stay long courtship, she decided to get married. “My mom is my initial reaction was,” Can not you just live together without being married to him? “To my mother he was a little mind,” he added.

For his mother, Muslim households are households who oppresses his wife. But he was made his determination. “Now I have five more years to Mrs. Syed and my mom could not find me chained in the kitchen,” he said laughing.

Unlike Joanne or Sukina (story written in Republika Online in this series) the slice so bersyahadat, Catherine has not fully become Muslim early in veiled. On religious occasions, she wore a headscarf. But in their daily life, he was wearing a bandana or hat to cover her hair.

He reasoned, deliberate appear so to attract attention when it was at home eating, shopping, or wherever he is outside the home. When people ask, it will be easy for him to talk about Islam.

“Like me, I want people to gradually adopt the teachings of Islam. I also want people to judge me the first time the intelligence and character, not my religion. This I refer to as syiar. “(Reuters)

source: dakwatuna.com


“Whoever ablution well out of his sins from his body sampaipun from under her nails. “(Narrated by Muslim)