Gathering of the many times from SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen to disaster areas Merapi in Central Java held to a location des Mranggen Srumbung Magelang Central Java which deliver current Tengah.Personal dalah father as the driver Sukrisno Spd Spd Mother father Agustin Suwasosno Yuanah Dwirohwati. By car pledge Blue Deer school transport rice, eggs and wear proper clothes to the location after prayers dzuhur.

Fig. School Troupe Received Refugee Assistance Officer in Post

After about 2 hour journey arrived at the destination location that is in Poso Help Merapi entourage received by the officers and the immediate entourage deliver goods goods dibawa.Setelah lower than alleviate the suffering of people affected mountain Merapirombongan chatting with the gentlemen officers heading.

Fig. Plants and the Environment is still broken

Fig. Officers PLN Improving Electricity Network

After we chatted and then excused himself to go back to the campus SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen.Disepanjang street party to see how severe damage to infrastructure including Merapi disaster karenan trees just as it has not yet recovered from PLN semula.Bapak gentlemen seem to improve the electricity network can not life to be revived.

After traveling approximately 2 hours entourage came to school and straight back toward the house masingp own.
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