SMK Muh I Playen sacrifice in the village of  Nglipar Gunungkidul
It has become routine school activities that every major religious events always enliven by making activities both on campus and off campus. These activities in addition to educating students to increase faith and devotion to Allah SWT also to close the school with the community.
For that to date 13 November 2010 SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen hold events as well as giving lectures to the public animal qurban Nglipar Village, Gunungkidul. Present from the school of which Mr. Principal, Drs. Giri Sutopo Santoso and a number of teacher employees. Meanwhile, from the village of which the Head of Dusun Nglipar Lor, Takmir Masjid al-Barokah, and people who want to follow the recitation.
The number of animals that are given to the public a number of 3 heads of goats. In addition, the school also help the cost of providing instruction (consumption, transport and infrastructure for the speaker). For the community is very grateful for the willingness of SMK Muhammadiyah I playen help people in rural areas considering the Nglipar Lor is one area which yesterday hit by the earthquake disaster in Jogjakarta. Hopefully kegiaatan the useful and the more glue the school and community relations. Hopefully *