Gb.2 Entrance Into Coast

Fig. 1 Beach Gesing Views From The Hill

Gesing beach located in Girikarto Grill is a beach and at the same Gunungkidul nelayan.Bila region taken from Yogyakarta then after entering Gunungkidul and arrived in the Ivory approximately 30 km from Yogyakarta airport Ivory exactly after turning right onto the sub-district Playen.Dari Playen about 5 Plaiyan km to the district continue to Trowono then turn Right towards Panggang.Sampai district in the village of precisely Girisekar SD Rice and the road there is a huge banyan tree we turn left through a narrow paved road, although about 8 km will arrived at the beach Gesing.Jalan go to the beach Gesing from Rice Elementary School there is still some lack of good roads and little narrow, so we need to be careful in driving a car or riding a beach entrance sepesa motor.Mendekati Gesing housing will be found that the number of fishermen around the forties to residence fishermen who go to sea from the beach Gesing.Masuk Gesing coast we get a beautiful panorama with a wide expanse of sea. On the next row of stalls selling fish with a nice and interesting architect.

If there is time and opportunity to enjoy the beach let Gesing Girikerto Bake Gunungkidul.